Rise, Knight...Slay The Dragons In Your Path...Then Claim The Golden Crown

Written by Gabriel Daniels

The following is a powerful technique you can use to conquer your fears...and attain your dreams.

Imagine yourself being a brave knight, complete with armor, shield, helmet, and sword (or any weapon of your choice...ex. spear, bow and arrow, etc.). In other words, “act as if” you are a brave knight (one who has fought and won countless battles). You can do this with eyes open or closed...whichever you find more comfortable.

Standrepparttar way a brave or fearless knight would stand. Breatherepparttar 141415 way a brave knight would breathe. Gazerepparttar 141416 way a brave knight would gaze. Feel yourself havingrepparttar 141417 same kind of resolve and determination a brave knight would have.

And in your mind's eye, focus on your target (your dream...visualize it vividly) inrepparttar 141418 distance (forrepparttar 141419 purpose of this article, let's just use a “golden crown” asrepparttar 141420 target to symbolize your dream...when you're applying this technique on your own, visualize exactly what it is you want instead ofrepparttar 141421 golden crown), with such intensity, that you're absolutely sure that nothing can stop you from attaining it. Better yet, believe that it's already yours.

Imaginerepparttar 141422 golden crown with a bright light around it...as if it were drawing you towards it like a magnet...as if it were saying to you, “Come claim me. I'm yours.”

Then, in your mind's eye, walk confidently and courageously towardsrepparttar 141423 glowing crown. (If you wish to ride a horse instead, then go right ahead. You can even fly and do all kinds of acrobatics...just like what they do in The Matrix. Use your imagination torepparttar 141424 fullest.)

And on your way torepparttar 141425 crown, imagine one fire-breathing dragon after another flying towards you...trying to stop you from reachingrepparttar 141426 crown. (Include as many senses in your visualizations as possible. Hearrepparttar 141427 dragons' wings flap. Hearrepparttar 141428 noise they make...includingrepparttar 141429 sound of their breathing. See their huge, red eyes staring at you. Feelrepparttar 141430 heat of their breath. And so on.)

As each dragon comes towards you, strike it with your sword. And as your sword hits each one, imagine it getting blown to smithereens—just likerepparttar 141431 vampires in Buffyrepparttar 141432 Vampire Slayer or Blade. (If you wish, you can make it even more graphic. It's up to you how you want to seerepparttar 141433 dragons defeated...how you want to see “your fears” defeated.) Use your imagination torepparttar 141434 fullest. Don't worry, no one will know you're doing this. Remember, you're merely visualizing all of this. So just go all out.

Self Confidence

Written by Jim Sullivan

As a hypnotherapist I specialise in helping people to develop confidence and self esteem. But what is confidence? I find a great deal of misunderstanding among my clients; many tell me that they want to become more confident “but not too confident”, as if confidence can be dangerous in large quantities.

Many people, it seems, associate brashness and arrogance with confidence. Indeed, arrogant people may be strong in some dimensions of confidence, but they are seriously deficient in others. Truly confident people are aware of their own emotional state, and in tune withrepparttar emotions of others. True self confidence leads to feelings of relaxation in a wide range of situations. Such relaxation feedsrepparttar 141347 individual’s confidence, setting up a virtuous circle.

In order to understand self confidence we have to consider it as a multi-dimensional quality. Your confidence at any specific moment is a complex blend of factors, including social confidence, physical presence, peer independence, stage presence and physical presence. Everybody has their own, distinctive, profile of confidence. Sorepparttar 141348 bullying, ‘alpha male’ business leader who struts aroundrepparttar 141349 office may indeed be strong in physical presence and stage presence, but may lack confidence inrepparttar 141350 value of their opinions, and may indeed find it difficult to stay true to their core values and beliefs.

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