Right, Right Back At Ya!

Written by The Indy Voice

I've decided that this liberal needs to start throwingrepparttar same crap at conservatives that they're slinging at us. Yes, I am going to sink to their level because they're winning.

Conservative jackass: We are winning in Iraq andrepparttar 148634 unsuccessful attacks in London prove thatrepparttar 148635 terrorists are weakened because of it. Indy: People as dumb as you should not be allowed to breathe.

Honestly, how can anyone have a rational argument with a conservative who is so irrational as to question your motivations, patriotism, manhood or intelligence every time they disagree with you. The next time I'm asked a ludicrous and simple minded question or hear a completely ridiculous statement by one of these ignorant morons I'm going to throw it right back at them.

Conservative dunderhead: The attacks in London are what happens when you don't respond with enough military force. Indy: Why do you supportrepparttar 148636 terrorists and hate America?

I'm tired of going out and buying books and talking to different people who are close torepparttar 148637 heart of different issues to find out what they think and know. From now on I'm going to let my uninformed opinion run free onrepparttar 148638 open range ofrepparttar 148639 ridiculous. The Indy Voice will no longer reference some "definitive book onrepparttar 148640 subject," an expert or worse of all, some "fact". From now on I am going to be driving downrepparttar 148641 crooked conservative road where dribbling and allowing opinion to skewrepparttar 148642 facts is not only allowed but encouraged.

Conservative idiot: The British, because they are by and large a group of liberal pansies, are not going to respond to these attacks and they're probably going to get hit again. Indy: Does your momma know that you're a fascist pig?

Aid for Africa?

Written by David Ben-Ariel

Why, after all these years, are so many countries in Africa still dependent upon Western aid? Has such aid truly helpedrepparttar situation or encouraged them to let others do for them what they won't do for themselves? (Asrepparttar 148633 saying goes, you can give a man a fish and he'll eat once or you can teach him how to fish and he'll eat plenty of times). Has such assistance truly servedrepparttar 148634 long-term interests of Africa or merely repparttar 148635 self-interests of burgeoning bureaucracies?

Why doesrepparttar 148636 white world ofrepparttar 148637 West seem more concerned forrepparttar 148638 welfare and security of Africans than do many of Africa's tyrannical leaders? I raise this question becauserepparttar 148639 West is usually despised as former colonialists and imperialists and is no longer welcome to rule with its law and order but is begged to bail African countries out once their elected leaders rip them off (bloating foreign bank accounts) and strip their countries bare by grievous mismanagement.

Productive white farmers in Zimbabwe, for example, have viciously been driven off their family farms for black squatters who do just that - squat - andrepparttar 148640 orphaned land lies fallow andrepparttar 148641 country starves. Yet racist Mugabe's still in power (no visits by Jesse Jackson or by an African-American coalition of outraged ministers over this reverse discrimination or threats of sanctions byrepparttar 148642 divided UN).

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