Rhiannon Waits sends spiritual Messages

Written by Barbara Cyndel

Onrepparttar surface, it seemsrepparttar 122376 mounting number of fans are due to Rhiannons Psychic and medium abilities, Yet under close scrutiny, one would find that her accuracy concerning future events and her ability to speak to “spirits” is only a part ofrepparttar 122377 fast growing Rhiannon mania. The words she speaks appear simple to her, nevertheless torepparttar 122378 world they are pearls of wisdom facilitating light into what once was a bleak situation.

Inrepparttar 122379 beginning, I thought Rhiannon to be one ofrepparttar 122380 usual psychics found onrepparttar 122381 web or through a phone line. I was intrigued atrepparttar 122382 praise and popularity of such an individual. Being somewhat cynical, I contacted Rhiannon for a reading. Withinrepparttar 122383 first 15 minutes, I understood whyrepparttar 122384 public could trust her explicitly.

In these troubled times of financial hardships, wars, moral deterioration andrepparttar 122385 break down of monogamous family bonds, one can easily find despair at their doorstep. However, contact with Rhiannon has found countless individuals finding guidance onrepparttar 122386 path of happiness and enlightenment. To quote author Denice Jones “ How special is that?” Denice praises Rhiannons abilities. Denice Jones is known for her expertise inrepparttar 122387 paranormal field.

In a phone interview with Rhiannon, I had to askrepparttar 122388 provocative question. Do I hear wedding bells in your future? Withrepparttar 122389 grace and ease of a true Southern Belle, she slid past my probing question and onto another topic. I could almost sense a smile as she did. Could this mean a yes? One might have to find this elusive mystery man for a personal interview. He could shinerepparttar 122390 light as to how it truly is to be atrepparttar 122391 heart of Rhiannon.

In a polite, dodge of questions concerning her private life, I addressedrepparttar 122392 topic of her accuracy. Rhiannon comes off with simple remarks such as “ I listen to my spirit guides, and yet I can make mistakes ... I am human ”. She seems innocent as to why everyone treats her special. Maybe that is part ofrepparttar 122393 beauty of Rhiannon, she does not know she is special. She has talked to angels and spirit guides her entire life andrepparttar 122394 ancient knowledge and abilities she has seems everyday knowledge to her.

World Renown Psychic Rhiannon Waits's predictions fulfilled, Message for Kobe Bryant

Written by Rhiannon Waits accurately predicted the New York Black out and the bombing in Iraq recently. Now Rhiannon gives us another prediction and sends a message concerning Kobe Bryant.

Rhiannon, (World Renown psychic who has amazed both skeptics andrepparttar Psychic world) is again making predictions. Her last prediction, a major blackout would occur and New York would become dark in August, has been fulfilled.

This time Rhiannon is predicting a major hurricane will hitrepparttar 122375 panhandle region ofrepparttar 122376 United States byrepparttar 122377 end September, beginning of October. Areas she feel may be affected and are at high risk are Florida, Alabama or Louisiana. She is releasing this information now, so people in that area can make preparations forrepparttar 122378 Hurricane that she predicts may hit their area. Rhiannon cautions that not all her visions are 100% correct However, I feel, her averages on accuracy have made her predictions extremely noteworthy to all.

Rhiannon also states that Kobe Bryant is innocent ofrepparttar 122379 charges pending against him. When asked why these charges were implemented if he is innocent, her reply was” Things are not always what they appear to be”. Rhiannon further states, “ Kobe Bryant made a mistake but he never forced anyone to do anything. He is a kind and compassionate man who loves his family dearly. I am not a sports fan, so I am not being swayed by dedication torepparttar 122380 sport. I read Mr. Bryant on TV and my heart went out to him and his family”. When asked to elaborate on her statement, she replied, “ This is something I will not reveal torepparttar 122381 general public”.

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