Rheumatoid Arthritis

Written by Charlene J. Nuble

A shooting pain inrepparttar knee. A burning sensation inrepparttar 150010 hand. Before you know it, you have rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammation ofrepparttar 150011 joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease in whichrepparttar 150012 immune system attacks normal tissues as if they were invading antibodies. Rheumatoid arthritis also causes inflammation ofrepparttar 150013 tissues aroundrepparttar 150014 joints and other organs ofrepparttar 150015 body. The hands and feet arerepparttar 150016 most affected areas of rheumatoid arthritis although it can also affect any joint lined by a membrane. Rheumatoid arthritis is referred to as a systematic illness and sometimes called rheumatoid disease.

Rheumatoid arthritis manifests itself over a period of a few months. However, for some,repparttar 150017 disease appears overnight. Accelerated onset of rheumatoid arthritis does not meanrepparttar 150018 individual is at greater risk ofrepparttar 150019 progression ofrepparttar 150020 disease. Rheumatoid arthritis can lasts for years without symptoms. But rheumatoid arthritis is an illness that progresses and hasrepparttar 150021 potential to cause joint destrution and functional disability. Usually, patients suffer cycles from severe to light symptoms. In terms of statistics, rheumatoid arthritis is three times more common in women than in men. It also besets people of all races equally. Rheumatoid arthritis can begin at any age but most often start inrepparttar 150022 early forties.

What causes rheumatoid arthritis? The truth is, its cause is still unknown. Viruses, bacteria, and fungi have long been suspected but none has been proven to berepparttar 150023 cause. The cause of rheumatoid arthritis has beenrepparttar 150024 focus of different research activities. There are some scientists who believe thatrepparttar 150025 tendency to develop rheumatoid arthritis may be genetically inherited while others believe that certain factors inrepparttar 150026 environment might elicitrepparttar 150027 immune system to attackrepparttar 150028 body's own tissue components. This attack results torepparttar 150029 inflammation in various organs such as lungs or eyes.

Researchers have also found that environmental factors may also play a role inrepparttar 150030 cause of rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, scientists reported that smoking tobacco increases risk inrepparttar 150031 development of rheumatoid arthritis.

The symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis depend onrepparttar 150032 degree of tissue inflammation. Rheumatoid arthritis is said to be active ifrepparttar 150033 body tissues are inflammed. Whenrepparttar 150034 tissue inflammation subsides, rheumatoid arthritis is said to be in remission. Remissions may happen spontaneously or with treatment and can last for weeks, months, even years. During active rheumatoid arthritis, symptoms are felt. Symptoms may include fatigue, lack of appetite, low grade fever, and muscles and joint aches. Muscles and joint stiffness are usually felt during mornings and after a period of inactivity. During relapses (from inactivity to activity) of rheumatoid arthritis, joints become red, swollen, painful, and tender. This happens becauserepparttar 150035 tissue lining ofrepparttar 150036 joints become inflamed which results inrepparttar 150037 excess production of joint fluids.

Weight Loss: Customize, Personalize, Spice Up!

Written by Charlene J. Nuble

You know you have weighted, err, waited more than enough. So you decide to get yourself started on some weight loss programs and regimens. In all likelihood you would draft yourself withrepparttar ones that promise you sure-hit quick weight loss tips.

So you sweat and strain with your chosen weight loss program, perhaps ecstatically so atrepparttar 150009 start. Sure your body gets all aching with all your joints and knuckles cracking in epic proportions like ungreased door hinges of horror movies.

Looking at yourself inrepparttar 150010 mirror, you cringe atrepparttar 150011 sight of this blob staring back miserably at you still withrepparttar 150012 extra flabs flapping around somewhere there. You sigh in exasperation. Whatever happened torepparttar 150013 weight loss program that promised to sculpt your body to whistle-bait shape? You scream in desperation. You know you have just been weigh-layed, err again, way-laid by some pseudo weight loss masters.

Truth is, we tend to pattern our weight loss mindset afterrepparttar 150014 mentality of that of some backyard gym instructors. We torture ourselves withrepparttar 150015 age-old dictum “No pain, no gain.” Let’s face it, while it did miracles for Rocky, it sure did get him crippled (or, killed) inrepparttar 150016 final picture.

We are no Rocky. We are ordinary human beings with not-so-ordinary day-to-day affairs. Some are multi-tasked likerepparttar 150017 housewife who has to master doing diapers in one hand, pitching copies inrepparttar 150018 other, while applying tantric massage on her hubby with her feet. All throughout she is troubled between going for weight loss surgery and taking weight loss pills.

“No pain, no gain” is foolishly macho and downright false. Of course, there’s bound to be some discomfort when you’re just getting started with your own weight loss program, and later when you start to reach out for new weight loss goals.

But there’s an important difference between discomfort and pain. Learn it. Listen to your body say, “Moderation in all things.” Pain means injury. Pain makes you quitrepparttar 150019 weight loss program.

If you don’t like your chosen program of weight loss exercises, you won’t stick with it. It will become a chore, you’ll slack off and finally give uprepparttar 150020 entire weight loss program. Tailor your weight loss exercise to yourself, not to what others do or to some false image generated from within or without. Of course when you’re just getting started, weight loss may seem like a chore. But appearances are not always reality. Realize that your body and mind would always prefer being a couch potato, and will rebel atrepparttar 150021 thought of exertion inrepparttar 150022 weight loss program, so you’ve got to give any form of exercise a chance to grow on you before you start analyzing whether it’s for you or not! The key is to turn weight loss exercise into play, then you’ll succeed and persist. Lack of joy makes you quit.

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