Rhema Island

Written by Adeolu Oluade







Romans 10:17 (New International Version) "Consequently, faith comes from hearingrepparttar message, andrepparttar 148055 message is heard throughrepparttar 148056 word of Christ."

This word of Christ serves asrepparttar 148057 divinely ordained travel agent for all persons who are travelling through life fromrepparttar 148058 cradle torepparttar 148059 grave in all generations of human existence. The star offer for all times and seasons is 'Rhema Island'! This isrepparttar 148060 only island where allrepparttar 148061 dreams of God inrepparttar 148062 human heart get really and fully fulfilled. Butrepparttar 148063 island cannot be located on any physical map or usingrepparttar 148064 latest satellite technology,yet its existence has been proved by those who found it. It has even eludedrepparttar 148065 realms of magic,mythology and mysticism,yet those who find it accomplish 'the impossible' in fulfilling their divine destinies. This island is surrounded and hidden byrepparttar 148066 seas of ancient and modern human philosophies and traditions which mankind has sought to achieve fulfillment in life! Mankind has suffered turmoil and frustration even when sailing onrepparttar 148067 ships as 'invincible' as 'the Titanic' in order to get to this island! The enemy of mankind has always provided an alternative to this star offer but those who has accepted such an offer have ended up in a complete mess(Prov.14:12). The alternative seems right torepparttar 148068 human intellect because it comes in a very attractive package that hides its real evil nature. The enemy of mankind has never had any interest in any person's fulfillment in life. Therefore if anyone refuses his offer,he proceeds to discourage those who makerepparttar 148069 right choice to seek 'Rhema Island'!

Hebrews 11:6 (New International Version)

"And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him."

Throughrepparttar 148070 word of Christ anyone can hearrepparttar 148071 message of God relevant to his/her situation,and this message generates faith which isrepparttar 148072 dynamic element in man that turnsrepparttar 148073 dreams of God into realities. Real faith never denies or belittles God's existence and God's ability to impartially respond to anyone who seeks him. Faith counters and neutralisesrepparttar 148074 lies ofrepparttar 148075 enemy of mankind-these lies only sabotage man's destiny both temporally(in this life) and eternally(inrepparttar 148076 life to come). Through faith,anyone can get access to 'Rhema Island' and it is only by faith that one's place onrepparttar 148077 island is secured in spite ofrepparttar 148078 onslaught ofrepparttar 148079 enemy's storms. Real faith is not 'faith in faith' but 'faith in God(Mark 11 :22)'. The former (faith in faith) is only an alternative to real faith but gets no one anywhere and offers no security againstrepparttar 148080 enemy. The latter(faith in God) believes in who God is,and in what he says!

Art and Soul: A Spiritual Approach to Crafts

Written by Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur

Cindy Lutz Kornet is a talented artist and craftsperson whose work encompasses many media. With "Art and Soul: A Spiritual Approach to Crafts," she shares her philosophy on how art can transform life and touch our souls. The quote that dominatesrepparttar back cover of "Art and Soul" succinctly captures her perspective: "Creation is itself but a longing, a kind of Prayer torepparttar 148026 Almighty."

An experienced art educator, Kornet believes that "everyone is creative by nature and is limited only by lack of experience, self-doubt or a lack of confidence due to other's criticism." In "Art and Soul," Kornet works to strip away some of those inhibitions that keep us from beingrepparttar 148027 true creative spirits we were meant to be. She believes that art can teach us much about life.

For example, inrepparttar 148028 creative process, we may make a "mistake." Kornet encourages her students to go back and see howrepparttar 148029 project can be revised in order to make use ofrepparttar 148030 "mistake" and takerepparttar 148031 project to a new level. This technique may also be used when we face problems in life. Such challenges can begin to be seen as opportunities.

Art can also be used inrepparttar 148032 healing process. Art offers an opportunity to express pain or grief that may otherwise just fester inside. The creative process offers both an emotional release and a finished project that can be used to remember a special person or time period.

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