Rezulin Liver Failure Causes FDA to Recall Drug

Written by Margaret Wommack

Rezulin, a prescription type 2 diabetes drug has been withdrawn fromrepparttar market byrepparttar 148800 FDA. New drugs have come out which offerrepparttar 148801 benefits that Rezulin provides but without such damaging side effects. Rezulin caused extreme damage torepparttar 148802 liver that often resulted in liver failure. Liver failure was so widespread amongst Rezulin users that there has been progressively increasing encouragement for these people to have frequent liver function tests to monitor liver damage. In fact, Rezulin users are 1200 times more likely to have liver failure than non-users ofrepparttar 148803 drug.

Symptoms of liver damage that Rezulin users may experience are jaundice, fatigue, abdominal pain, weight loss, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, back pain and dark urine.

Prior torepparttar 148804 development and release of less damaging diabetes 2 drugs,repparttar 148805 FDA rushed to approve and loweredrepparttar 148806 safety standards for Rezulin. The FDA and Warner-Lambert, Rezulinís manufacturer, knew back in 1993 that Rezulin caused dangerous side effects including heart and liver damage or failure.

Mesothelioma Cancer- What to tell children

Written by Paul Curran

Telling children about any serious illness or disease is not easy. The best approach is a direct one as children, even very young ones, often sense that something is not right. Their fears need to tackled and honesty isrepparttar best policy.

The amount of information you should give them depends on their age and how grown up they are. Being honest is one thing but giving them allrepparttar 148760 information at once may be too much. Try spreading it out a bit to easerepparttar 148761 shock ofrepparttar 148762 inevitable outcome.

Questions can be answered on a 'need to know basis' initially but as more hospital vists are undertaken andrepparttar 148763 patient is unwell at times then more detail needs to be offered. Gettingrepparttar 148764 same question over and over again from young children can be difficult at times but it should be realised that this is a normal part of their development.

Teenagers may have a particularly hard time as they now have to cope with additional strong emotions and extra responsibilies, as well asrepparttar 148765 usual emotions which are part of their development into adults. They may need to turn to others outsiderepparttar 148766 family if they find it difficult to talk to family members friend, teacher or counsellor.

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