Rewards Of Speed Reading

Written by Adnic Lee

When you learn to read faster, you will be able to understandrepparttar meaning of what you read objectively and subjectively.

I am sure that you have heard or probably seen similar maxims such as, "Haste Makes Waste", "Slow but steady winsrepparttar 148721 race".

Well I agrees that there are elements of truth in such maxims but it may not be really as applicable in all endeavors. Especially in your quest with Speed Reading!

When it comes to accelarated reading,repparttar 148722 facts have proven again and again that indivdual learns to read faster, they have a better, more complete understanding of what they read.

?? Doubts to what I have mentioned above??

Let me ask a few simple questions:

1. Do you think you would really enjoy and appreciate watching 20 minutes good movie today, leavingrepparttar 148723 scenes today and continuing another day forrepparttar 148724 next 20 minutes till you have seenrepparttar 148725 entire movie?

2. After viewingrepparttar 148726 final segment 1 week kater, would you have understood or at least enjoyedrepparttar 148727 whole story and meaning ofrepparttar 148728 movie?

My Ans : Not Likely At All

Your Ans:_____________

We will bringrepparttar 148729 analogy to reading now....

The Time Wasting Truth!

Your reading are most probably done in very muchrepparttar 148730 same intermittent manner.

You may be complaining now.... "Well, I will love to finish an entire book in a single session but I have this to attend and that to do..."

"Furthermore I don't have too many days to devote several hours just to read. It simply become too fatique and boring to read more than an hour in a single session..."

This is basically because for a normal human being, our mind are somehow automatically programmed on a single time track!

Humans have a spatial time concept of 60secs equal 1 min, 60 mins equal a hour, 24 hour equal a day and so on.

Our conscious mind runs along this single track and thinks about only one thing at a time. This means that anything is thought about in an orderly and constructive manner. It is certainly not possible to think two or more things simultaneously.

In order to read effectively, our mind must be on what is being read. If our mind lose concentrations and starts to wander( in other words thinking about other things) you will not be able to comprehend what you have covered visually.

Kachina Doll

Written by Jeremiah P. Huck

To a shaman a kachina isn't really a doll or a child's toy. Also, it isn't a collector's piece of art or a decoration. However, it is often used that way, and that's ok too. There is a place for that approach in our lives. They do make a powerful addition to any home's decor, and make a great conversation piece. So, if you are a history buff, especially American history, a kachina collection is most appropriate. Kachinas origionally came fromrepparttar Hopi and Navajo tribes inrepparttar 148720 American Southwest. If you enjoy sacred art, like I do, add a kachina to your collection.

However, if you are a mystic, shaman or are spiritually oriented, a kachina is really a working tool. The kachina acts as a connection to aspects ofrepparttar 148721 life force. Some kachinas act as a contact to protective energies. All kachinas connect you and your environment to spirit forces that can be helpful to you in endless ways. They changerepparttar 148722 Feng Shui of any room or situation forrepparttar 148723 better.

So when searching for a kachina, look for it's qualities and it's historical use. If you need help with any issue in your life, purchase a kachina that is designed to target that problem. If you can't locate one that is exact to your needs, then go with your gut reaction...and trust that.

A kachina is really a type of primitive fetish, something you really relate and connect to. If you don't relate deeply,repparttar 148724 kachina will not be as effective as a helping tool. You do need to talk and communicate withrepparttar 148725 kachina, like some speak to saints, and ask for specfic help.

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