Revised: Where Can I Publish my Book?

Written by Arthur Zulu

“If you write without getting published, then there is no use in writing at all” Those are words of wisdom from someone who wants you to seriously consider publishing your book.

But before you really do so, you will do well to consider these questions:

1.Have I actually written a best – seller?

2. Do I believe that people will read my book?

3. Is my theme such a timely one thatrepparttar public should know?

4. Am I expecting responses from my readers?

5. Will I benefit in one way orrepparttar 105774 other fromrepparttar 105775 publication of this book?

6. Will I be contented even if I don’t make money?

If you answer inrepparttar 105776 affirmative to one or more ofrepparttar 105777 above questions, then do not hesitate to listen torepparttar 105778 above advice to publish.

It will, therefore, be nice for you to know different publishing channels available, so as to enable you make an informed decision.

Trade Publishers

Also called commercial publishers, these arerepparttar 105779 big fish inrepparttar 105780 publishing industry. They include Longman, Macmillan, Heinemann, Random House, Houghton Mifflin, Doubleday Books, Little Brown and Co., and Brace Jovanovich, among others. They publish without asking for payment from authors.

My advice to you is that if you are pre – published, if you are a new writer, do not waste your time submitting your books to these elephants. Because they will not publish you!

Yes, they have published a few unknowns like Eric Segal (LOVE STORY) and Kathleen Winsor (FOREVER AMBER) But what aboutrepparttar 105781 countless others who gotrepparttar 105782 polite rejection slip: “We are sorry your book does not meet our present needs. Good luck”.

I am among that number. I got a rejection slip from one of them, one year after submission! Can you imagine that? Twelve calendar months! And inrepparttar 105783 end, you would have to pray torepparttar 105784 god of good luck, to get a publisher. And after another one year, another rejection slip. Another prayer. So you would have to spend a lifetime looking for a publisher, after months or years of hard work, writing your book.

The point is that they don’t haverepparttar 105785 time to read your book. Or they can’t recognize a good book if they see one. Or, they can’t afford to risk their money publishing a new comer like you, without hope of getting huge profits. Or, all ofrepparttar 105786 above.

But consider: If you were a great writer, perhaps a Nobel Laureate who had written a magnum opus. Or, if you were some celebrated politician with a memoir about your dalliance with some red – lipped prostitutes.

Or, if as a scientist, you had written a book about how time travels backwards, titled THE THEORY OF BACKWARD MOVEMENT. And you even promise to take your readers in a space ship to witness some epochal events –- pick your choice -–repparttar 105787 fall of Carthage, (history),repparttar 105788 splitting ofrepparttar 105789 continents (geography), Noah’s flood (religion), andrepparttar 105790 real thing --repparttar 105791 Big Bang (Science). Do you know howrepparttar 105792 publishers would react?

All of them,repparttar 105793 above ones I have mentioned, and others not named, would rush to dangle certified Bank checks with ten digit figures before your smiling face! But try sending your unsolicited manuscript, you unknown writer; and be damned! Let’s illustrate this point further. Do you know Jerzy Kosinski’s THE THIRTY – NINE STEPS? Yes, one writer had that best – seller typed, and submitted, as a manuscript by a new writer, and waited for an answer. And what reply did he get? Allrepparttar 105794 trade publishers rejected it. Allrepparttar 105795 agents told him, “no way’”. And to worstrepparttar 105796 experiment, Random House which originally publishedrepparttar 105797 book, threw it out as an insignificant book. Yet, this was a National Book Award Winner. Even, some other best- sellers were “randomly” rejected. Like THE JUNGLE by Upton Sinclair. Like Thomas Paine’s COMMON SENSE. Like MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION by Lloyd C. Douglas. Do you now understand what I mean when I say you should not go to them? But you have another chance. Subsidy Publishers

Also known as private or commission publishers, subsidy publishers are a better choice; if you can pay to get your book published. And they pay higher commission or royalties, thanrepparttar 105798 trade publishers. They include Vantage Press, Minerva Press and Avon Books. Now, paying for book publication has a long history. Many great writers started that way. Edward Fitzgerald financedrepparttar 105799 publication of his monumental work, THE RUBAIYAT OF OMAR KHAYYAM. Thomas Gray paid to publish his classic, ELEGY. And what about Edgar Allan Poe? He sponsoredrepparttar 105800 printing ofrepparttar 105801 book of all times, TAMERLANE AND OTHER POEMS. And Leo Tolstoy doled out money to pay forrepparttar 105802 publication ofrepparttar 105803 best novel on earth, WAR AND PEACE. The list has not ended. What about Thomas Hardy, Alexander Pope, T.S.Eliot, Alfred Lord Tennyson and many others? They did likewise. Why not submit your book to one of these subsidy publishers now?

Could a Book About Your Company be Worth $1.7 Billion? Building Value Through Publishing

Written by Ray Robinson

"Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK.A) to purchase Clayton Homes for $12.50 in cash per share. Deal worth $1.7 Billion."

From an article inrepparttar Knoxville News Sentinel -- a University of Tennessee professor sent Warren Buffettrepparttar 105773 self-published autobiography of James Clayton as a gift. Less than 14 days after receivingrepparttar 105774 self-published book, Buffett contacted CEO Kevin Clayton, (James's son). After only three conversations, Buffett was expressing his interest in purchasing Clayton Homes. Another short two weeks later,repparttar 105775 deal was in place.

James Clayton was out of town during some ofrepparttar 105776 talks, and not wanting Buffett's name to be floated aroundrepparttar 105777 company's open-air headquarters, he suggested a code name for him: "Mr. Sunshine."

Indeed, he was.

--- The Ultimate Calling Card --- Interested in creating a way to communicate your legacy, build value and credibility, stand out fromrepparttar 105778 crowd, and increase your company's value inrepparttar 105779 market?

How do you getrepparttar 105780 word out about your company? How do you let your clients and investors know that you and your company are truly experts at what you do? Believe me when I sayrepparttar 105781 correct answer has nothing to do with traditional sales and marketing techniques. The real answer? Self-publish a book showing off your firm's expertise, distribute it for free your core clients and trade associations, use it as a sales tool in all your prospecting efforts, and sell it anywhere you can--and inrepparttar 105782 process, hopefully, make your companyrepparttar 105783 ones to turn to when expert information is needed about a topic in your industry.

Your book becomesrepparttar 105784 ultimate calling card for you and your sales staff. A self published book cuts through allrepparttar 105785 clutter that your clients receive from dozens of companies just like yours. Cold calls are are a imeless way of creating sales - but wouldn't they be much more effective if you could have created a lasting impression of your credibility and value in advance? Maybe you'd rather keep sending that "full-color" brochure or cheesy calendar.

Your book is far more than just a marketing expense -- but you might find it easier to budget it as part of your existing campaigns. The ultimate cost of producing your book can vary widely, but it will typically be based onrepparttar 105786 number of pages inrepparttar 105787 book, its trim size and format (for example paperback or hardcover) and how much assistance you need in publishing a book.

Most oftenrepparttar 105788 cost for publishing a book breaks down into two categories -- Publishing Services and Printing Services.

Publishing Services arerepparttar 105789 services involved in creatingrepparttar 105790 files that go torepparttar 105791 printer -- includingrepparttar 105792 design of your interior and cover, any editing or proofreading,repparttar 105793 actual composition ofrepparttar 105794 pages, and more. Costs are almost always regardless of page count and depend heavily onrepparttar 105795 level of editorial assistance needed andrepparttar 105796 degree of "retail" marketing support you want for your book. Most self-publishing companies include some number of books in their packages.

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