Review: Medications - All your friends in one place

Written by Chris Elkjar

Medications – Your favorite people all in one place

One ofrepparttar most intriguing aspects of music is how easily it can transform one’s mood. The right notes, atrepparttar 139750 right tempo, and all of a sudden, BAM! You’re in a good mood. This 3 piece from Washington, DC knows exactly how to pull this off. Consisting of members of Chris Elkjar isrepparttar 139751 founder of '' an online music magazine. He spends all of his spare time immersed in music, be it writing reviews, interviews with leading bands or writing his own music.

For more of his writing, check out - Music for robotsthe now defunct band “Faraquet”, Medications oddly enough, sounds a lot like Faraquet. It’s peculiar how a band consisting ofrepparttar 139752 same musicians can sound very similar. Afterrepparttar 139753 Faraquet breakup 2 ofrepparttar 139754 founding members created Medications and whilerepparttar 139755 sound is very similar,repparttar 139756 new third wheel does add some new elements intorepparttar 139757 mix. A mere 6 months sincerepparttar 139758 release of their Medications EP, they have returned with their first full length Your favorite people all in one place available now on Dischord.

Whilerepparttar 139759 music on this album does sound a lot like Faraquet andrepparttar 139760 Medications EP,repparttar 139761 quirky time signatures and awkward vocal lines are quickly becoming a thing ofrepparttar 139762 past,repparttar 139763 songwriting maintains that same dry, yet clever feel, but it seemsrepparttar 139764 band is slowly trying to forge a new identity. The album begins with Surprise! Which is arguablyrepparttar 139765 single greatest opening track of all time, starting off as every 70s rock concert ended, a solid 4/4 beat with ascending guitars and thundering drums. Any band that hasrepparttar 139766 guts to open their disc with a rock and roll finale gets extra points from me.

10 Music Download Legal Points

Written by Vicente Applegate

Everybody's doing it: downloading music and sharing files. People who share music files onrepparttar Internet argue that downloading is legal; today they can be sued byrepparttar 139698 record industry. Can one be sued without a great intrusion into personal lives of an individual?

1. Enjoy music downloads from safe and legal sources. Getrepparttar 139699 facts and notrepparttar 139700 scare tactics, about online music services.

2. The prosecution has to able to prove, with adequate evidence, thatrepparttar 139701 IP address used for music downloads can be linked torepparttar 139702 person accused of illegal content sharing. There is a growing concern for "privacy". Legal experts worry aboutrepparttar 139703 "intrusiveness" of Internet monitoring in order to prove a court case.

3. These IP address--numbers--given to user byrepparttar 139704 ISPs are dynamic and change rapidly. The starting point is to establish that there is enough bona fide evidence to prosecute.

4. It is difficult to a pin an IP address on any one person. The IP numbers that some ISPs assign to their users can change from one "session" torepparttar 139705 next. The music industry must be able to link file-sharers to specific IP addresses atrepparttar 139706 times those addresses were used for file sharing.

5. Since their are personal freedoms involved,repparttar 139707 courts want to make sure thatrepparttar 139708 individual is revealed torepparttar 139709 public.

6. These copyright allegation lawsuits are a minefield, because they involverepparttar 139710 personal information ofrepparttar 139711 defendant.

7. In Canada, under its privacy laws, people are protected through court confidentiality orders. Inrepparttar 139712 United States,repparttar 139713 Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) must get a order to revealrepparttar 139714 downloader's identity.

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