Review: Landing Page Handbook: How to Raise Conversions

Written by Karon Thackston

by Karon Thackston © 2005

If you've been online for any length of time at all, I'm sure you know of Marketing Sherpa. This trusted and dependable source for online marketing information has put out some ofrepparttar most widely known and highly praised books and reports available today. Some of their repeated best sellers include, "Email Marketing Metrics Guide" and "How To Get Your Permission Emails Past Filters." Marketing Sherpa consistently providesrepparttar 105141 tools that powerhouse companies use to supercharge conversions and profits repeatedly.

Well, they've done it again!

The newest release (already improving conversions by an average of 40% all overrepparttar 105142 'Net) is called "Landing Page Handbook: How to Raise Conversions -- Data & Design Guidelines" and does it ever deliver. (Find it here:

After extensive research and testing with some major corporations asrepparttar 105143 guinea pigs (try Old Navy, NASA andrepparttar 105144 San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau on for size!), Marketing Sherpa is now able to offer specific, conclusive information; suggestions and recommendations on how to improve your landing page conversions (for online and offline offers) by an average of 40%. Here's what they say about that shocking promise:

"If you followrepparttar 105145 Handbook's data and design guidelines, we estimate your landing page conversions may rise by 40%.

Where did that 40% number come from? Well, Marketing Sherpa has researched more than 500 case studies on Internet marketing, most of which included landing pages. We noticed across all studies that marketers who followed landing page best practices tended to get at least 40% higher conversions than average."

What do you get when you order this ebook?

** 59 samples from real-life campaigns (use as templates for your own) ** 13 heatmaps: how actual visitors "see" landing pages ** 190 pages, including 16 tables & charts ** A 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Did I buy it? Yes. Have I actually read it? Yes. Did I find elements that could be improved on my own pages and those of my clients? You bet! I just finished making changes to one of my sites and I'll tell yourepparttar 105146 results in just a moment.

As with any Marketing Sherpa product, if you're not completely satisfied, you'll get an immediate refund of your purchase price.

Take your pick of a PDF (downloads instantly) or a printed copy (ships in 24 hours). Both include exclusive access to an online Creative Samples Library so you can view all samples in their full, colorful glory.


It's really surprising what we assume when we create landing pages (or any type of advertising). We think we know whatrepparttar 105147 site visitor is looking at (and for), when, in fact, we don't.

Creating A Search Engine Copywriting Plan

Written by Karon Thackston

by Karon Thackston © 2005

Search engine copywriting has become an extremely important part ofrepparttar overall search engine optimization process. However, in addition, search engine copywriting has developed into a misunderstood craft.

Shoving keywords in anywhere they can possibly go is not considered search engine copywriting. The process is more defined than that. Successful SEO copywriting takes planning. Any half-hearted efforts at writing copy geared strictly towardrepparttar 105140 engines will usually result in a decline in your customer's experience at your site.

What'srepparttar 105141 best way to write SEO copy? Starting with a plan is always a good idea. Keep in mind, these are guidelines of techniques that can be used *IF* they make sense for your site visitors. I never recommend writing solely forrepparttar 105142 search engines. Inrepparttar 105143 case of search engine copywriting,repparttar 105144 customer is truly #1.

1) Use Three Keyphrases Per Page - Not a carved-in-stone rule,repparttar 105145 guideline of three keyphrases per page gives good variety and helps keeprepparttar 105146 copy from sounding too repetitive. I always choose keyphrases first - before I write - because they can have a direct impact onrepparttar 105147 focus ofrepparttar 105148 page.

2) Have 250 or More Words of Copy - The length of your copy depends on several things: Your target customer's preferred communication style, whetherrepparttar 105149 product is new torepparttar 105150 marketplace, if a detailed explanation needs to be given, site design and many other factors. However,repparttar 105151 250-word minimum gives enough room to get your message across and offer an effective level of keyword support. Remember though, it's all aboutrepparttar 105152 customer. If your target customers prefer longer copy, write longer copy. If they like shorter copy, write shorter copy.

3) Write In Natural Language - "Natural language" is a term popular in SEO copywriting. It means thatrepparttar 105153 reader should not be able to (or should barely be able to) detect what keyphrasesrepparttar 105154 page is being optimized for. The copy should flow as if it were not written withrepparttar 105155 search engines in mind. You donít wantrepparttar 105156 copy to sound forced or stiff. When you generate ideas forrepparttar 105157 page copy, keep your keywords in mind. Ask yourself whether you can use them inrepparttar 105158 copy in such a way that they won't be obtrusive.

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