Review: Audioslave - Out of Exile

Written by Chris Elkjar

Audioslave – Out of Exile

Every once in a while a band comes along that really changesrepparttar way you perceive music, for me one of these bands was Rage Againstrepparttar 139752 Machine. I’ll berepparttar 139753 first to admit that I, like most angsty teenagers was lured into Rage’s music by their anti-authoritarian songs, and honestly dude, they said “fuck” a whole lot. Not only didrepparttar 139754 vulgar language lure me in but instead of writing about girls and cars, they tookrepparttar 139755 time to write music about something that actually mattered, politics. Gimmick or not,repparttar 139756 music was compelling. Soon after I first heard Bulls on Parade onrepparttar 139757 radio I started to really question why I was listening to a lot ofrepparttar 139758 other music that interested me atrepparttar 139759 time. Slowly I began to drift away from happy songs about love and sunshine, and turned to songs that really had a purpose. That being said, I was very excited when I first heard that one of my favorite bands of all time was going to reform, and motherfucking Chris Cornell is going to be their singer. It was like some sort of early-90s rock wet dream. Soundgarden and Rage againstrepparttar 139760 Machine coming together to form a band that would revolutionize rock! Or so they all said.

Fast forward to today; Audioslave has released Out of Exilerepparttar 139761 follow-up to their self-titled debut released in 2002. Rock doesn’t seem to have been revolutionized; in fact it seems almost exactlyrepparttar 139762 same. Just as with their self-titled released,repparttar 139763 band has crammed in as many publicity stunts as possible, playing onrepparttar 139764 streets of LA; resulting in a riot, and an even larger stunt in Cuba in front of 50,000 fans at Havana’s Anti-Imperialist plaza. Brilliant marketing, but does their album measure up torepparttar 139765 amount of hyperepparttar 139766 band has surrounding them at all times? After all they are a supergroup consisting of 2 ofrepparttar 139767 most successful rock bands in history. The answer to this is an unenthusiastic ‘No.”

Out of Exile opens in stereotypical Tom Morello fashion with a gimmicky guitar line dropping in to a tired riff; strikingly similar to Cochise. Whilerepparttar 139768 album isn’t really terribly offensive, it just lacksrepparttar 139769 presence and power of any ofrepparttar 139770 Soundgarden or Rage againstrepparttar 139771 Machine releases, chalk it up to nostalgia or whatever you want, but this album simply does not deliverrepparttar 139772 caliber of music that we all know these musicians are capable of creating. Every song is written usingrepparttar 139773 same pop-rock formula and Morello’s gimmicky solos simply do not work in conjunction with Chris Cornell’s dark vocals.

Structure Of A Successful Music Website

Written by Dan Meiyers

Ideally each page of your website should serve a specific purpose. The main purpose ofrepparttar sales page for your cd is to sellrepparttar 139751 cd. If have a page with Google Adsense,repparttar 139752 main purpose is to generate money by to get people to click onrepparttar 139753 advertisement. If its not an important part ofrepparttar 139754 process, don't load uprepparttar 139755 page with unnecessary things like animations or sounds. This will only distract visitors from achievingrepparttar 139756 task laid out for them, ie. buying your product.

Below are some ideas to include in your website andrepparttar 139757 main purpose of each.

1) Main Page The main pages is a general landing page to funnel visitors to different areas of your site. Create a clear and easy navigation process linked torepparttar 139758 other pages of your site. *If you use Javascript for navigation, place text link atrepparttar 139759 bottom. This ensures that search engines will be able to spider your site properly. You could also use this page to feature your cd, music samples and other offers.

2) Order Page(s) Create a sales letter for each item that your are selling. Tomorrow we'll go over some copywriting tips to build a successful order page.

3) Press Releases This section is where visitors can read 3rd party articles published about you, increasing your credibility and exposure.

4) Contact Information This is so people can get a hold of you to book shows, ask questions about products, collaborations, interviews or other opportunities (you never know). Include as much contact information as possible, like your phone, cell, mailing address, email etc.

5) Privacy Policy Complies with privacy laws if your are collecting any of information about your customers/visitors. This also helps to build trust and people will give their information more freely. Here's a link to a privacy policy generator.

6) Electronic Press Kit This is where you referrepparttar 139760 media to easily download an information package about you.

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