Reverse merger: A vision without a strategy is a prescription for failure.

Written by Joseph Quinones

Reverse merger: A vision without a strategy is a prescription for failure.

Many business owner with a dream to take their company public often neglect to prepare and plan forrepparttar future, very few small and mid-size companies have a business plan.

A business plan is like a road map, and can be liken to when you go on a journey sometimes you need to change direction, it doesnít mean your destination changes, you are just getting there via a different route.

A vision is some thing that is birth inrepparttar 149507 mind and soul ofrepparttar 149508 individual, some people act on it and others procrastinate for a period of time only to see someone else take their dream and bring it to fruition.

The dream giver will only allow you to sit on your dream for so long before giving it to someone else. You often hear people saying ď I had that idea two or three years agoĒ, what good is an idea without taking action, but withrepparttar 149509 action there must be a strategy.

Businesses donít plan to fail, they fail because they fail to plan. Entrepreneurs usually are visionaries who get an idea and run with it but, if you look atrepparttar 149510 successful ones they always had a plan, and a team to help them bring their dream torepparttar 149511 market plece.

The team can sometimes get you torepparttar 149512 top, but itísrepparttar 149513 strategy that takes you overrepparttar 149514 top, so donít settle for second best, berepparttar 149515 best.

If you look at a twenty year chart of Microsoft Corporation, or Yahoo Inc. You will find that at one time their stock traded under a dollar but through brilliant strategies they were able to accomplished great things.

Just like Bill Gates had a plan so must you develop one. Bill Gates also had Paul Allen so must you find someone who can complement your weak point. If you are not a good strategist go out and find yourself one who is not a yes man.

The phrase ďno man is an islandĒ is most applicable inrepparttar 149516 corporate environment, where team work is essential for success.

In small companiesrepparttar 149517 dreamer is required at times to do everything and become efficient in every task, which is beneficial because he should knowrepparttar 149518 functions of every department inrepparttar 149519 company. But he should have competent personnel in those position in order for him to be able to seerepparttar 149520 entire picture.

This is where being a public company comes in handy, it allowrepparttar 149521 entrepreneur to userepparttar 149522 company stock as an incentive to attract more competent and better qualified personnel and retain them. It also makes it possible forrepparttar 149523 company stock to be used for acquisition purposes.

Team work is essential in order to be able to succeed. I remember inrepparttar 149524 1980's investing in a companyrepparttar 149525 appear to have a dream team for itís management, everyone involved in management had a PHD and an ego to match it. A friend of mine who wasrepparttar 149526 investment banker forrepparttar 149527 company related to me how he attended a meeting withrepparttar 149528 company and it was complete chaos, each person appear to think that their opinion wasrepparttar 149529 only one deserving of consideration. Needless to sayrepparttar 149530 company eventually file for chapter eleven.

Secure Motorcycle Parts and Accessories Satisfaction

Written by Maricon Williams

Motorcycles regularly need maintenance and repair. It serves asrepparttar factor to determinerepparttar 149506 soundness ofrepparttar 149507 motorcycle.

Itís hard going to ride a defective bike. Same thing when you ride it without gears to protect you. It can mean injury, fracture, damage or taking ofrepparttar 149508 lives. Moreover, it is important to checkrepparttar 149509 condition of your motorcycle, repair any damage and use gears to keep you away from trouble and danger. A wide variety of parts and accessories such as gloves, helmet, clothing for men, children and women, boots, bumper motorcycle, visor, bolts and nuts , brakes, clutch, cylinder, goggle, helmet, hundle bar, knee braces, seat pad, shoulder brace, race parts collar and other motorcycle parts and accessories are also available to ensure security. These are excellent parts and protectors that can save our precious lives.

Protect every part of your body because they are equally important to you. Usually, a rider gives more importance to their head. This is good though. However, it is not onlyrepparttar 149510 injury inrepparttar 149511 head that can cause a fatal damage to you. Some parts may also resultrepparttar 149512 same. Nonetheless, though some may mean lesser damage, said damage may be permanent such as paralysis, mutilation andrepparttar 149513 likes. To protect one of your vital parts, you can use state-of-the-art accessories. This is to avoid fracture, limp and other untimely death.

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