Revering a Las Vegas Tee (Golf) Party

Written by Mel Barosay

Revering a Las Vegas Tee (Golf) Party

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Perched high aboverepparttar southern Las Vegas Valley inrepparttar 139418 Black Mountain foothills of Henderson isrepparttar 139419 sensational and beautiful oasis known as Revere Golf Club. Withrepparttar 139420 7,143-yard Lexington Course all ready in commission for several years, andrepparttar 139421 soon to be opened Concord Course (June, 2002), this revolutionary golf experience truly provides golfers of all skills levels withrepparttar 139422 "shot heard aroundrepparttar 139423 world."

Since 1986,repparttar 139424 union of Billy Casper and Greg Nash has broughtrepparttar 139425 golf community some of its most visually stunning and enjoyable courses. Casper is a veteran of more than 51 PGA victories, including two U.S. Open titles and a Masters Championship, and represents an extraordinary understanding ofrepparttar 139426 game of golf.

Nash is a gifted architect who brings an artistic flare for aesthetic quality torepparttar 139427 table. The two have designed courses worldwide and have built a stellar reputation for their Phoenix-based company. Their unique use of multiple tees, wide landing areas, expansive greens, strategically placed hazards and high risk-reward potential, give Casper/Nash coursesrepparttar 139428 flexibility to please players of all skill levels. Their popularity is attributed torepparttar 139429 fact that they takerepparttar 139430 necessary time to learnrepparttar 139431 land's requirements,repparttar 139432 owner's expectations andrepparttar 139433 needs ofrepparttar 139434 course's future players.

Among their best-known works are Club Terravita in Scottsdale, Anthem Country Club in Anthem, Nevada, Los Caballeros Golf Club in Wickenburg, all in Arizona, Highland Falls Golf Club in Las Vegas, andrepparttar 139435 Sun City Palm Springs Golf Club in California. Together since 1986, they have created more than 25 golf courses acrossrepparttar 139436 country and in several countries aroundrepparttar 139437 world.

Along withrepparttar 139438 golf experience of The Revere Golf Club,repparttar 139439 exceptional clubhouse facility provides world-class amenities and exceptional guest services. Men's and ladies apparel, footwear, headwear and golf equipment lacerepparttar 139440 Pro Shop to ensurerepparttar 139441 golfer has every opportunity to be provided with quality and memorable merchandise.

The Golf Shop Operations was recently acclaimed as "Top 100 Best Golf Shops inrepparttar 139442 U.S." For reinforcements there isrepparttar 139443 restaurant, providing plated breakfast, lunch and dinner entreés, in addition to bar, hors d'oeuvres, buffets, catering for private parties, and private chef services.

Likerepparttar 139444 foundations of American ideals, Revere Golf Club will test your skills, challenge your nerves, and inspire every golfer's soul. Withrepparttar 139445 trend in Las Vegas to build a better and more exciting golf facility, Revere Golf Club still maintains its prominence withrepparttar 139446 best even as other, newer facilities joinrepparttar 139447 fraternity.

The course designers of Billy Casper and Greg Nash carefully niched a green belt throughrepparttar 139448 naturally rugged desert canyons and valleys ofrepparttar 139449 Las Vegas foothills to construct The Revere. Coined as one of "the top ten best golf courses inrepparttar 139450 United States," The Revere at Anthem provides golfers with several signature holes.

Hole number 7 - Kings Chapel is a 489-yard, par-5 desert target layout protected throughout with sand traps on both sides ofrepparttar 139451 uphill fairway. With dramatic views ofrepparttar 139452 Las Vegas Valley,repparttar 139453 golfer tees-off to a downhill fairway with a large landing area and hits his second shot to an uphill terrain. The high-recognizable, three-level waterfall rushes downrepparttar 139454 cliffs beyondrepparttar 139455 green to igniterepparttar 139456 feeling of accomplishment upon arrival.

Howl On a Cliffhanger in the Canadian Rockies – A Golf Feature for Women

Written by Lise Lacasse

Howl On a Cliffhanger inrepparttar Canadian Rockies – A Golf Feature for Women

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I write this golf feature for women who love to golf. Women are falling for this game and I too have fallen truly, madly, deeply in love with golf. My summer afternoons are spent daydreaming about which course to play and plotting whether I can sneak away early enough fromrepparttar 139417 office to play a full round.

I want to share my passion forrepparttar 139418 game. My features will discussrepparttar 139419 journey,repparttar 139420 accommodations,repparttar 139421 game and experience, from a woman's perspective. Yes, I will describerepparttar 139422 game fromrepparttar 139423 forward tees.

My goal is simple: to share my "experiences" hoping that you, my dear readers, are encouraged to explore some ofrepparttar 139424 wonderful golf resorts that North America, andrepparttar 139425 world, has to offer. Golf is a wonderful game and I hope to share my enthusiasm with you.

Girls just want to have fun, and in our case, fun means golf! I love to golf and in fact,repparttar 139426 gals and I belong to a "ladies league" just so we can golf once a week. We do this for a couple of reasons - to improve our game and to escape from life's daily annoyances, if only for a few hours.

By January, I commence fantasizing about golf as I shovel mass amounts of snow. I stand in my driveway, shovel in hand, totally engrossed in my fantasy. I smellrepparttar 139427 freshly cut fairways and hearrepparttar 139428 chatter ofrepparttar 139429 birds. It's hot and I wiperepparttar 139430 sweat from my brow as I plan my next shot. I remove my driver from my golf bag, and then reach into my back pocket for my tee and ball. Instead, a cold, wet mitt presents itself. Reality strikes once again!

I call my girlfriend and shriek, "I need to golf, where are we going and when? It's time to plan our annual golf vacation! - Mexico,repparttar 139431 Carolina's and California are discussed as possible destinations. In pursuit of our goal, I discovered a great website that offers vacation packages to all these locations.

After a lengthy discussion, we choserepparttar 139432 interior of British Columbia for a few reasons. First,repparttar 139433 flight is fairly short from Toronto, second,repparttar 139434 climate is less forgiving out West, and, third, that naughty little phrase, "exchange rate" need not apply.

We chose to stay at Panorama Resort, and resort known to Canadian's for its skiing and golfing. The resort is approximately 20 minutes southwest of Radium, BC. It is rated as a four-star resort, complete with allrepparttar 139435 amenities: spa, restaurants, tennis courts, and shops that sell snacks, beer and a decent bottle of wine. The package also included three rounds of golf, at local courses. We were fortunate enough to chooserepparttar 139436 courses and book our tee-off times prior to our departure. Panorama is also home to Grey Wolf, classified as one of Canada's top 100 golf resorts.

We flew direct to Calgary, Alberta. Total flying time was 4 hours. We departed early inrepparttar 139437 morning to ensure that we arrived in Calgary with enough daylight to drive throughrepparttar 139438 mountains. We packed our rental car (one large enough to fit our clubs and massive amount of luggage), foundrepparttar 139439 map, and headed west. Much like our ancestors, I knew heading west would eventually lead me to my paradise where my fleeting dream would be fulfilled.

The drive from Calgary torepparttar 139440 interior BC is approximately 2.5 hours. I love to drive, but my girlfriend was driving, and I was jealous! However, after some thought, I changed my mind and considered myself lucky, because while her eye was onrepparttar 139441 road, mine was onrepparttar 139442 approaching vistas. If you haverepparttar 139443 opportunity to take this trip, happily relinquish your driving rights becauserepparttar 139444 sights are truly breathtaking.

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