Retro Games Are Hot Again

Written by David D. Deprice

Bugatro Gold

Bugatron Gold is a well-designed space-shooter game borrows ideas from classics such as Galaga. In Bugatron, you must eradicaterepparttar evil alien insects, which swoop and dive at your spaceship in a variety of formations. The polished graphics added to our enjoyment, andrepparttar 148396 sound effects are blasting cool.

Cosmo Bots

Cosmo Bots takes its cue fromrepparttar 148397 addictive classics Jezzball and Qix. However, that's whererepparttar 148398 similarity ends, because Cosmo Bots has different shapes for each level, 3D rendered graphics, digital sound, new enemies, and tons of power-ups. The free version features a full set of 50 levels to play, and does not require any special hardware.

Bricks Of Egypt

At its core, Bricks of Egypt is an Arkanoid clone, but it goes beyond replicatingrepparttar 148399 frequently imitated art of busting bricks to place a refreshing emphasis on creative level design. Sure, there's a ball and paddle, but Arcade Labs layers these familiar basics with Egyptian-themed power-ups, bonuses and special challenges (such as hittingrepparttar 148400 water drops to extinguish fire bricks or striking keys to unlock new areas onrepparttar 148401 screen).


Meetrepparttar 148402 Dropheads, hilarious and loveable characters with treasure on their mind. Help these strange little guys navigaterepparttar 148403 seas by matching them in groups of four or more. Then, watch them bounce offrepparttar 148404 screen. As you go, collect pieces of a treasure map and assemble them to findrepparttar 148405 hidden loot. And with two game modes, Arcade for those who like a fast pace and Strategy for those who like a relaxing diversion, there's something for everyone.

Taj Weekes and Adowa-Hope and Doubt

Written by Eva Dilmanian-Buzzword PR


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(AlphaPocket Records/Jatta Entertainment; Tuesday, August 16, 2005)

New York, NY--July 11, 2004--Reggae recording artist Taj Weekes and Adowa will release their debut album, Hope and Doubt, on AlphaPocket Records on Tuesday, August 16, 2005. Produced by Weekes, engineered by Joe Blaney (Lauren Hill, The Clash, Prince) and mastered by Alan Silverman (Norah Jones, The Kinks Chaka Khan), Hope and Doubt is an album of finely-crafted classic roots reggae, with something to say.

With Hope and Doubt, New York-based Weekes takes listeners back torepparttar Caribbean of his childhood and here, against an island-beat backdrop, he tells his autobiographical tales, both tragic and hopeful. On "MPLA," Weekes offers a poignant

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