Retail Margin, Trade Discount, & What it Means for the Author

Written by Brent Sampson


Retail margin is basicallyrepparttar difference between your book’s wholesale price and your book’s retail price. For example, a book with a cover price of $10 and a wholesale price of $5 has a 50% retail margin.

Wholesale price isrepparttar 143563 cost of your book to a retailer. To userepparttar 143564 same rudimentary example, a book with a cover price of $10 and a retail margin of 50% will be sold to a retailer for $5.

Retail price isrepparttar 143565 same as cover price or selling price. This isrepparttar 143566 cost ofrepparttar 143567 book torepparttar 143568 end consumer (the reader). The retail price is typically printed onrepparttar 143569 cover ofrepparttar 143570 book and also “embedded” withinrepparttar 143571 barcode onrepparttar 143572 back. For example, a book with a wholesale price of $5 and a retail margin of 50% will have a retail price of $10.

As you can see, retail margin, wholesale price, and retail price are interconnected. By having two figures,repparttar 143573 third can be calculated.

The fourth definition to be aware of isrepparttar 143574 trade discount, which isrepparttar 143575 percentage offrepparttar 143576 retail price that a wholesaler or distributor pays for your book. Sincerepparttar 143577 retail margin is a portion ofrepparttar 143578 trade discount,repparttar 143579 trade discount always exceedsrepparttar 143580 retail margin. Distributors typically expect between 50% - 70% in order to provide an acceptable margin torepparttar 143581 retailer.


It should come as no surprise thatrepparttar 143582 amount of distribution your book enjoys rests largely upon its trade discount. Generally,repparttar 143583 higherrepparttar 143584 discount,repparttar 143585 greaterrepparttar 143586 distribution.

Think about it - distributors want to make money, too. So do retailers.

While your book's trade discount is but a piece of your pie (albeit a big piece), it isrepparttar 143587 entire cake for distributors and retailers, who together must splitrepparttar 143588 take. The greaterrepparttar 143589 number,repparttar 143590 greater incentive they have to distribute your book, sell your book, and market your book, etc.

The proper trade discount depends upon each author's intentions, and can vary from author to author just as readily as from book to book. Obviously,repparttar 143591 higherrepparttar 143592 retail margin,repparttar 143593 higherrepparttar 143594 cover price, so authors interested in maintainingrepparttar 143595 lowest cover price possible will often opt for a lower retail margin.

Solutions Online Magazine Announces Second Issue of 2005

Written by Matthew Bratschi

Solutions Online Magazine Announces Second Issue of 2005 Hollander Consultants’ Publication Adds New Section

Portland, OR: Solutions Online Magazine, published by Hollander Consultants, has released its second issue for 2005, which can be found at This issue contains more industry-specific content than any previous issue.

“A new addition torepparttar magazine isrepparttar 143429 inclusion of profiles of successful doctors in private practice. Dr. Jeff Carden of Alabama, Dr. Tommasina Pasqua of Michigan and Dr. Kathleen Bartos of Florida are all highlighted in this issue as having successfully used practice management consultants to achieve their professional goals,” said managing editor Matthew Bratschi.

This issue contains four how-to practice management articles, nine industry-specific general news articles andrepparttar 143430 three profiles ofrepparttar 143431 above doctors.

Bratschi said, “Solutions Magazine is continuing to provide relevant material to doctors, practice owners and practice managers inrepparttar 143432 veterinary, dentistry and optometry professions. We have created a magazine that gives hard-hitting advice on areas that may need changing within a healthcare practice, as well as providing general professional news to our key readers.”

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