Resume 101 - Enhancing your marketability despite those employment gaps

Written by Annemarie Cross, CPRW, CRW, CEIP, CCM, CECC, CWPP

Involuntary career breaks, or dare we say it, ‘unemployment’, can often be a frightening situation for anyone to be in. Afterrepparttar initial shock of unexpectedly finding yourself without a job, it doesn’t take long before disillusionment sets in, particularly when days turn into weeks, then weeks into months or even longer, and you begin to panic: how you are going to handlerepparttar 147075 ever-increasing employment gap on your resume?

The belief thatrepparttar 147076 longer you are out of work,repparttar 147077 more difficult it will be to regain employment is understandable. However, it is important to stress that many people at one time or another have found themselves jobless whether through their own doing (such as taking a career break to raise children or scheduling a well-deserved holiday), or in situations that have been beyond their control such as with layoffs, redundancies or company closures.

So if you currently find yourself unemployed, don’t be discouraged as many have experienced job losses and have eventually re-established successful careers. Rather than letting fate take its course, they have implemented various strategies that increased their marketability to a potential employer, and believe it or not you too can follow these tactics and hopefully shortenrepparttar 147078 gap that lays between where you are now andrepparttar 147079 light atrepparttar 147080 end of what –seems like a never-ending tunnel.

Following these initiatives should assist you in transforming a potential employment gap into a learning experience, and provide you with marketable solutions for use in your resume.

~ Demonstrate your commitment to remaining current with industry trends through reading publications, periodicals or trade journals, or even researchingrepparttar 147081 internet.

~ Join a professional association within your field and get involved. Not only is this another way of keeping current with industry trends, but also a fantastic opportunity to grow your network; meet and develop relationships with potential employers; and even generate/source some great job leads from other members ofrepparttar 147082 group.

~ Take a class or a professional development course to enhance your knowledge. You may even find yourself developing new skills that can open doors to a new and more challenging career path.

~ Considerrepparttar 147083 possibility of providing advice in your line of expertise through consulting or projects/assignment work performed as part of your own business. This will allow you to develop strategic relationships with other companies, which could possibly lead to full-time employment, and/or allow you to continue developing your network of contacts.

~ Provide your knowledge/services on a voluntary basis. Just because this is on a non-paid basis does not discredit any great results or contributions you may have made within an organization.

Boost your candidacy with these must-follow Resume Writing Strategies

Written by Annemarie Cross, CPRW, CRW, CEIP, CCM, CECC, CWPP

Due torepparttar increasing competitiveness of today’s job market requiresrepparttar 147074 job seeker to be far more aggressive in their overall job search campaign, particularly when developing their career-marketing document –repparttar 147075 resume. With a window of opportunity often as little as 10 seconds forrepparttar 147076 resume to sparkrepparttar 147077 readers attention, demands a dynamic document that portraysrepparttar 147078 candidate’s expertise and overall value offered. Gone arerepparttar 147079 days of a tasked-based resume with an inventory of a position’s responsibilities, coupled with a standard (and boring) list of personal aptitudes. This has been replaced with an achievement /accomplishment driven document that depicts you as a pro-active candidate that demands results and demonstratesrepparttar 147080 significant value on offer torepparttar 147081 organization.

Your resume is your initial handshake and must therefore not be second-guessed, sorepparttar 147082 aim is to demonstrate your ability to fulfill their requirements and to build an interest inrepparttar 147083 benefits and value you bring torepparttar 147084 organization. Strive toward developing a document that will motivaterepparttar 147085 reader into action by requesting an interview.

So what strategies can be followed to create a professional marketing document that promotes your overall value and portrays you as a passionate contributor torepparttar 147086 ongoing success ofrepparttar 147087 company that demands an employment interview?

Here are some tips to inspire your writing:

~ Replace an uninspiring career objective with a succinct career profile that summarizes your expertise and includes accomplishment highlights with quantifiable results. This is bound to impressrepparttar 147088 reader and concentrates on what you can deliver for them, rather than on what you want.

~ Incorporate industry-related key words as well as action words that will grabrepparttar 147089 reader’s attention. For instance:

Orchestrated, devised, instructed, spearheaded, maximized, led, directed, streamlined, oversaw, managed, motivated, controlled, delegated, consolidated, generated, implemented, proposed, specified … andrepparttar 147090 list goes on.

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