Restaurant Reality

Written by Dilip Shaw

Preface: Get information on career as a chef. Read this article to know whether you are fit to be a chef.

While you can break intorepparttar kitchen for an entry-level position and learn onrepparttar 136848 job, if you have aspirations to be a chef, advanced training is a must.

The American Culinary Federation accredits over 100 formal training programs and sponsors apprenticeship programs aroundrepparttar 136849 country. Typical apprenticeships last three years and combine classroom training and work experience. The ACF also certifies pastry professionals and culinary educators in addition to various levels of chefs.

Vocational or trade-school programs typically offer more basic training in preparing food, such as food handling and sanitation procedures, nutrition, slicing and dicing methods for various kinds of meats and vegetables, and basic cooking methods, such as baking, broiling and grilling.

Culinary Employment Prospects

Written by Dilip Shaw

Preface: Preface: Want to joinrepparttar food industry? Why not know your employment prospects before you finalize your decision to study in culinary schools.

Where do you want to go? The world of Culinary Arts is one ofrepparttar 136847 fastest growing fields inrepparttar 136848 United States and beyond. Where you go is up to you and how hard you are prepared to work. The same applies to how much you earn. If you decide to stay inrepparttar 136849 local area you are likely to earn between $8-$14. Onrepparttar 136850 other hand, a line cook in San Francisco earns $10 to $22 per hour. A chef in fine dining restaurant or hotel can earn in excess of $100,000 per year. (Please understand it takes many years of hard work and dedication to reach this kind of salary.)

You may choose to work in any ofrepparttar 136851 following types of establishments:

Nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, catering companies, casinos, cruise ships, trains, country clubs, private clubs, restaurants, research and development labs, resorts (ranging from a summer resort to one ofrepparttar 136852 Disney properties), and wineries to name but a few. You may decide to travel and look for opportunities abroad. Whatever you decide to do,repparttar 136853 education you will receive in Culinary Schools will help take you torepparttar 136854 future of your choice.

The employment prospects for graduates of this program are positive. Future employment growth is above average and it is expected that new graduates will experience little difficulty finding work inrepparttar 136855 food and beverage industry. These are considered to be active recruitment occupations.

The restaurant industry employs 11 million people, making itrepparttar 136856 nation's largest employer outside ofrepparttar 136857 government. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predictsrepparttar 136858 restaurant industry's growth will be 30 per cent overrepparttar 136859 next two years. Industry professionals and owners indicate thatrepparttar 136860 biggest challenge facingrepparttar 136861 industry is finding educated, competent, and well-trained management personnel to handle this growth.

Inrepparttar 136862 next decade,repparttar 136863 travel and food industry will be a leader in creating new jobs, in generating more revenue, in paying out more salaries and wages, and in offering great professional opportunities.

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