Restaurant Industry Facts

Written by Dilip Shaw

Restaurant Industry Facts Preface: This article is very important for those looking for facts relating torepparttar restaurant industry. If you intend to join this industry you must read this to take an informed decision.

Restaurant-industry sales are projected to reach a record $426.1 billion in 2003. The restaurant industry employs more than 11.7 million people in 870,000 locations. Restaurant-industry sales are forecast to advance 4.5 percent in 2003 and equal 4 percent ofrepparttar 136825 U.S. gross domestic product.

The restaurant industry provides work for more than 9 percent of those employed inrepparttar 136826 United States. The average annual household expenditure for food away from home in 2000 was $2,137, or $855 per person.

Restaurant-industry employment will reach 13.3 million by 2012. At presentrepparttar 136827 restaurant industry isrepparttar 136828 nation's largest employer outside ofrepparttar 136829 government. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predictsrepparttar 136830 restaurant industry's growth will be 30 per cent overrepparttar 136831 next two years. Industry professionals and owners indicate thatrepparttar 136832 biggest challenge facingrepparttar 136833 industry is finding educated, competent, and well-trained management personnel to handle this growth.

Culinary Education

Written by Dilip Shaw

Preface: This article is intended to introduce you to cooking schools and culinary institutes, and to give you a few things to think about as you investigate a culinary education and career.

Do people like your cooking? Dorepparttar dinners you serve make guests say "How lovely!" or "Mean spread, dude!"? Have you worked your way through a recipe book or two? Do people tell you that you ought to be "a chef or something"? Or do you just feel like you could really get into food and hospitality? Ifrepparttar 136824 answers to any of these questions are "yes," maybe you should look into attending a culinary program such as those offered by a cooking school or culinary institute.

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