Responsible Advertising

Written by Mary Wilkey


Does that sound boring? If so, stick with me—it gets better! Some years ago Bruce Barton shared this story:

"One day when I was young in advertising, I slipped a piece of paper into my typewriter and wrote an advertisement for a life insurance company. It was addressed to young husbands and fathers. One ofrepparttar coupons received in reply came from a traveler in Rio de Janeiro, whose home was in New Jersey. He was 38 years old, married, andrepparttar 101111 father of three children. He wanted information on a policy that, in case of his death, would guarantee his family an income of $3,000 a year." (I told you this was written some years ago!) "Onrepparttar 101112 man's return to New Jersey,repparttar 101113 policy was written andrepparttar 101114 first payment made. A few days later he went to his dentist to have a wisdom tooth extracted. Somehowrepparttar 101115 cavity became infected,repparttar 101116 infection spread and he died.

"That incident made a deep impression on me. Many times inrepparttar 101117 intervening years I have been reminded that somewhere in New Jersey there are a mother and three children, now grown up, who, withoutrepparttar 101118 slightest suspicion of my existence, have had their whole lives changed byrepparttar 101119 fact that one day I put together some words that were printed in a magazine, and read in a faraway country by their husband and father, who was influenced to do what I suggested.

"It is a terrific power we wield, we men and women in advertising; it needs to be handled carefully, truthfully, sometimes even prayerfully. It is one ofrepparttar 101120 most potent of allrepparttar 101121 forces that, for better or worse, can influence and change human lives."

Mr. Barton deserves kudos for his recognition ofrepparttar 101122 kind of power that advertisers and marketers possess. And while we are recognizing that power forrepparttar 101123 tremendous force that it is, we also need to be sure that each of us is wholly aware ofrepparttar 101124 awesome responsibility that accompanies this power.

First and foremost, advertising should be truthful and make every attempt NOT to misleadrepparttar 101125 reader. Never ever lead a reader into thinking they are to receive one thing, when—in brutal fact—they are to receive another, whether that refers to quality, quantity, color, texture, appearance, brand, or any other variable.

Gone Fishing ???

Written by Anita Foley

When I was young, my Dad used to take me fishing. It didn't take too many trips out on that little motor boat to learn thatrepparttar ocean is a very BIG place. Even though I knew there were millions of fish swimming around, there was no guarantee that we'd go home with a bucketful atrepparttar 101110 end ofrepparttar 101111 day. We would have to use a variety of bait and fishing techniques to make a catch.

Marketing your business onrepparttar 101112 Internet is a lot like going fishing. There are millions of potential customers ("fish") surfing around out there, but there's no guarantee you'll hook any of them byrepparttar 101113 end ofrepparttar 101114 day. Just like fishing, you'll have to use a variety of ads ("bait") and some marketing skills ("fishing techniques") to make a catch.

When we went fishing, my Dad taught me that to catch different kinds of fish, you needed to use different kinds of bait. Marketing online also requires you to use a variety of "bait", depending onrepparttar 101115 kind of "fish" you want to catch.

Your ads are your bait and you will need to use different ads to attract different customers. Writing ads is a skill you will definitely want to master before you "go fishing".

I've done a lot of research on how to write a "good" ad. But whatrepparttar 101116 pros consider good and what actually works can be two different things. Sometimes whatrepparttar 101117 experts might consider a bad ad is actuallyrepparttar 101118 one that works! That's because different writing styles appeal to different people.

Sizzle and razzle-dazzle ads work for some people, serene and sensible ones work for others. You may be always writing your own ads inrepparttar 101119 style that appeals to you as a buyer. Therefore, you’ll want to try writing in a different style, even if it doesn't appeal to you. For example, here's a work from home ad written in two different styles:

STYLE 1 - Razzle Dazzle

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