Resolve Disputes the Easy Way

Written by Andrew Taylor

Now we can do thisrepparttar easy way or we can do itrepparttar 101885 hard way. No, I am not selling a new financial product and I do not hold your arm up your back, nor a gun in your ribs. My message is " Don't litigate - mediate!"

That isrepparttar 101886 message from Andrew Taylor, a full time commercial mediator who is dedicated to increasingrepparttar 101887 knowledge and understanding of mediation in business. He goes on, "Compared to litigation, mediation is faster, cheaper and more civilized. It avoidsrepparttar 101888 risk of damaging publicity and it offers scope for imaginative solutions."

In fact, Andrew Taylor is so enthusiastic, he has even written a book about it!

Everyone knows what mediation is, yet few people are really confident about how much they know, how it works, and whether they can use it.

Mediation is a process in which a third person, "the mediator", helpsrepparttar 101889 parties in dispute to find a mutually satisfactory outcome. You could say there is nothing exciting there. Mediation must have been used long before any court system was invented. Despite that, we tend to overlook mediation as a possibility for settling disputes between employer and employee, business and business.

These are characteristic advantages of mediation over litigation:

Speed - A dispute can be resolved by mediation in a matter of weeks rather thanrepparttar 101890 years it might take in court. Ifrepparttar 101891 case is particularly urgent andrepparttar 101892 parties are prepared to pay for priority and premium time, there is no reason why a commercial case could not be concluded in a fortnight. The usual time scale for a small commercial case is around six weeks, and for a more complicated commercial case, around six months. The same case might take five years to go throughrepparttar 101893 court system.

Cost - In most cases,repparttar 101894 saving over comparable litigation costs is very large. Because litigation is expensive. It is obviously advantageous to settle a dispute before litigating. The Civil Procedure Rules encourage solicitors to do this. How far you use your solicitors is up to you, but however you deal with it, a case over in weeks will cost a lot less than one that drifts on for years.

Don't Play The All or Nothing Game

Written by Michael D. Pollock

A few nights ago, while surfingrepparttar late-night television offerings, I found myself entranced by a rather astute looking, young man giving all he had as he delivered an incredibly passionate speech. The topic of his speech was civil rights, and it was being televised by C-SPAN.

Inrepparttar 101884 bottom, right-hand corner ofrepparttar 101885 television,repparttar 101886 name ofrepparttar 101887 speaker was displayed as "Jesse Jackson, Jr., Rep. Illinois." I quickly realized I was listening torepparttar 101888 36 year-old son of civil rights activist, Reverend Jesse Jackson. It caught my attention because I didn't even know Rev. Jackson had a son, let alone that his son was a U.S. Congressman forrepparttar 101889 state of Illinois.

The young Congressman Jackson spoke eloquently, authoritatively and passionately. Withrepparttar 101890 television camera focused only on him, I couldn't see his audience, but I imagined him to be speaking to hundreds or maybe thousands of people.

He spoke without notes, and his words flowed smoothly. His thoughts were clear, concise and respectful. He confidently addressed questions fromrepparttar 101891 press as passionately as he delivered his speech.

As Congressman Jackson completed his remarks, andrepparttar 101892 host thanked him for his time,repparttar 101893 C-SPAN camera began to "pan out" and take in a wider view ofrepparttar 101894 room in which Mr. Jackson gave his speech.

Within seconds,repparttar 101895 camera showedrepparttar 101896 entire room. As it turned out,repparttar 101897 audience I imagined to number inrepparttar 101898 hundreds or thousands was actually about 4 people, as well as about a half dozen members ofrepparttar 101899 press.

A total of only 10 people sat before Congressman Jackson as he passionately poured out his heart and soul to them!

At first, I was amazed that Congressman Jackson could get himself so "inrepparttar 101900 zone" for such a small audience. It made me think how discouraged I might feel if I were to give a speech and only 10 people showed up to hear me.

Then it hit me . . .

I was guilty . . .

Caught red-handed . . .

I caught myself playingrepparttar 101901 "all or nothing" game. Maybe you know this game. It's when I tell myself there are only certain times I can put myself "out there" completely, passionately and authentically.

Usually, it's only whenrepparttar 101902 stakes are high andrepparttar 101903 game is big. Or I can only be totally who I am in certain situations or with certain people. I'm a master atrepparttar 101904 game. I know exactly where, when and with whom I can totally be who I really am and speak my truth withrepparttar 101905 same passion, authority and eloquence as did Congressman Jackson.

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