Resilience- Build Up Your Ability to Bounce Back From Setback

Written by Caterina Rando

When you think about what it takes to be successful in a career overrepparttar long haul, you might cite a need for intelligence, determination, strategic thinking, orrepparttar 130899 ability to communicate ideas effectively. While all these and other character traits will facilitate one’s ability to create good results, there is another important characteristic that often goes unrecognized and is rarely discussed. That important character trait is resilience: your bounce-back ability.

In coaching and training entrepreneurs and executives, I’ve noticed that how you react to what’s done to you is as important as what you do. We can make detailed strategic plans, begin daily activities to move us forward, put structures in place that support us in creating what we want—butrepparttar 130900 world will always throw us unexpected changes and unanticipated events. Betty Talmadge, an American meat broker and cookbook author, isrepparttar 130901 one who first said, "Life is what happens to you when you’re making other plans." We cannot control anything or anyone else, and we create a lot of disappointment and frustration (as well as waste a lot of our life energy) when we try.

Life happens. You might be passed over for a promotion, or you might be laid off. The bid you’ve worked on for three weeks might go to another firm; your great assistant could move to Tahiti. Your computer and its contents could be consumed by a virus; your building could be flooded or your car stolen. At some point in everyone’s life, setback occurs.

How you respond to what happens is what will makerepparttar 130902 greatest difference for you, both personally and professionally. Your resilience is what gives yourepparttar 130903 ability to get back up after you have been knocked down—even afterrepparttar 130904 second and third rounds of having your plans pummeled.

If you think your bounce-back ability can use a strength-training program, follow these principles to soar through setbacks and keep your resilience revved up.

Use Your Power of Choice Begin to look at how resilient you are in everyday occurrences. Do you let traffic, a rude comment, a delayed plane, a spilled cup of coffee, or a disappointing phone call ruin your whole day, or do you consciously choose to bounce right back? We do not always have a choice in what happens to us—but we always have a choice about how we react to it.

Let It Out Talk it out with a friend, write it out in your journal, cry it out on your couch, sweat it out inrepparttar 130905 gym. Do whatever it takes to purge yourself ofrepparttar 130906 emotion you feel over this setback. The biggerrepparttar 130907 setback,repparttar 130908 longer it takes—andrepparttar 130909 more emotion you have to purge. Do not stuff feelings aboutrepparttar 130910 setback; acknowledge your anger, sadness, frustration or fear. Once you’re in touch with those feelings, work on releasing them. A sense of closure or completion, which eventually leads to peace, is necessary in order to move forward.

The Annika Effect: What do you want to accomplish this year?

Written by Jennifer Shelby

The capacity to lead is an extraordinary skill. Good leaders learn to first recognize and then manage change. They inspire others with their passion, creativity andrepparttar willingness to listen.

Last month, a woman played in a Men’s Pro Golf Tournament. For those of you who don’t followrepparttar 130898 golfing world outside of Tiger Woods, this was not only controversial, it drew new attention torepparttar 130899 differences between men and women in sport, and why a woman would find it even remotely appropriate to play in a man’s tournament. What effect would this have on a traditionally male dominated sport and what’s wrong with playing in your own sandbox?

A quick education on Women’s Golf: Annika Sorenstam isrepparttar 130900 ‘Tiger Woods’ of Women’s Golf. She is young, talented, and wins just about every tournament she plays. So why would she pursue something so unorthodox? Is it Ego, money, attention, or desire to push beyondrepparttar 130901 traditional limits?

I bring this novel feat to your attention because it is not about men vs. women, or can/should a woman play in a men’s tournament. It is all about leadership andrepparttar 130902 value learned from her experience. As a coach,repparttar 130903 question ofrepparttar 130904 day is:

• What isrepparttar 130905 impact for Annika by playing atrepparttar 130906 Colonial Golf Tournament and how will this transform her course? Here’s how it plays out for me.

The Top ofrepparttar 130907 Mountain…. Imagine truly being atrepparttar 130908 top of your game, regularly being ‘inrepparttar 130909 zone’, and you have nothing but blue sky in front of you. You then stop to contemplate and ask what more can I learn, where can I grow, is their more to my game, and what would happen if I were able stretch just that little bit more? Am I really atrepparttar 130910 top of my “own mountain”?

Admiration… How many of us are willing to risk everything we’ve known--- in Annika’s case her status asrepparttar 130911 top woman golfer inrepparttar 130912 world, confidence,repparttar 130913 role or position she has earned inrepparttar 130914 golfing community, and her sense of self. She knowingly subjected herself to intense media scrutiny that questioned her motives, and wasrepparttar 130915 target of other golfers who didn’t appreciate her presence. Can you imagine what she must have been feeling as she teed off that first day?

Choices…. My assessment of her choice to play atrepparttar 130916 Colonial is that she could have have continued asrepparttar 130917 dominating woman’s onrepparttar 130918 LPGA Tour. Instead she chose to ask ‘am I capable of more? By expanding her universe, exposing her game for what it is and what it is not requires courage, moxy, and ambition. She took offrepparttar 130919 safety belt and dove in.

Annika is a role model for all of us and has shown usrepparttar 130920 value of strength—and not allowing fear to put artificial limitations on how we traditionally think. It’s about performance. Torepparttar 130921 women golfers and other athletes, she has shown them that they too are capable of more, can raise their game and become more competitive. Take yourself back to a time when you were on top ofrepparttar 130922 world, and you had a moment to think about how you got there. Now ask yourself if you are there today. If not consider these questions: • What isrepparttar 130923 most important thing you want to accomplish this year? • What isrepparttar 130924 most exciting thing happening right now that you are not taking advantage of? • What goal would really stretch you right now/? • How are you going to do that?

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