Resilience: An Emotional Intelligence Competency We Need Today

Written by Susan Dunn, M.A.

We are focusing more now on emotional intelligence (EQ), as it becomes increasingly evident that it can berepparttar crucial factor in determining success and happiness in our careers and relationships. Once we haverepparttar 131285 fundamentals in place--education, expertise, and skills--how we handle ourselves and others is what makesrepparttar 131286 difference.

Resilience is an important EQ competency. It means being able to bounce back after setbacks, failures, disappointments and losses. It means not giving up, and continuing to facerepparttar 131287 future with optimism and courage despite events. Because life will have its ups and downs, one ofrepparttar 131288 most important things we can do is learn how to bolster our resilience. We can do this by understandingrepparttar 131289 competencies that make people resilient and then working with a coach to improve our skills in these areas.

Being resilient is going to be extremely important inrepparttar 131290 future asrepparttar 131291 pace of change continues to escalate.

People who arerepparttar 131292 most resilient have these competencies:

It Ain't Over Til Its Begun Again!

Written by Susan Dunn, M.A.

Do you knowrepparttar ancient symbol ofrepparttar 131283 orouborus--the snake with its its tail in its mouth, forming a circle? In one variation or another, it's present in many cultures. Jung would say it's part ofrepparttar 131284 collective unconscious. It's a symbol for beginnings that are endings, and endings that are beginnings. This is a concept that's difficult for us to grasp, and it's a very significant one.

It's common for all of us to mistakerepparttar 131285 beginning forrepparttar 131286 end. We wait 9 long months and then go into labor and our work is done, we think. The baby is finally here. But then, as every parent knows,repparttar 131287 work is just beginning. The birth isrepparttar 131288 end ofrepparttar 131289 pregnancy, butrepparttar 131290 beginning of a whole new thing. A baby!

We work hard for four years and get through college and what'srepparttar 131291 end of it called? Commencement. (Beginning.) Why? Becauserepparttar 131292 reward for all that hard work is ... to get out there and find a job. More work at a whole new level.

I work with clients who want to identify and develop their strengths. We use an assessment tool and work interactively, and explore their propensities, and then voila! We discover and identify their talents. And then what? Talents need to be fortified with learning and skills in order to be brought to fruition. We have a new beginning.

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