Residual Income, the Overlooked Resource in Pay-per-click

Written by Daniel Brough

Pay-per-click advertising is a quick, powerful, effective way to market products for affiliate programs. New advertisers torepparttar medium are often stunned at how quick and effective it is. (I myself remember making over $1500 profitrepparttar 102390 first month I tried my hand at it, and that was back when I didnít know what I was doing)

The pay-per-click method is simple and straightforward. Place an ad to show on Google or some other pay-per-click search engine. Customers click on it. It brings them to a page where they can makerepparttar 102391 purchase.

Itís a wham! Bam! atmosphere thatís sharp and direct, but sometimes those of us who userepparttar 102392 pay-per-click market get intorepparttar 102393 same mindset and overlook perfectly profitable products simply because they donít pay out as much right away.

Iím talking aboutrepparttar 102394 power of residual income, and any time you find an affiliate program that pays Ďresiduallyí or mentionsrepparttar 102395 words Ďlifetime customerí, you should take notice.

Hereís an example. Suppose you find two web-hosting providers, each of which has an affiliate program. Web host #1 offers an immediate payout of $90 per sale to you for anyone who buys their service. Sounds pretty good; itís a high payout and you think you can get a good conversion rate on any ads you run for their services.

Web host #2, onrepparttar 102396 other hand, pays out only $10 per sale, but offers $10 per month residually forrepparttar 102397 lifetime ofrepparttar 102398 customer.

The Red Flags of Affiliate Marketing Scams

Written by Clay Mabbitt

Thanks torepparttar legitimate business model of online affiliate marketing; many people are earning a good living working from home. Unfortunately there exists a series of affiliate program scams masquerading as genuine Internet marketing opportunities. These scams are designed to make their creators wealthy without providing value to their customers or associates. Email scams and work at home scams don't have any chance of long term success, so any time spent promoting them is largely wasted.

So what arerepparttar 102389 characteristics that reveal an Internet scam attempting to disguise itself as an honest affiliate opportunity? Sincerepparttar 102390 nature and complexity of these scams change as quickly as technology, it's almost impossible to create a comprehensive list, but here are some strong indicators that a program should be avoided or atrepparttar 102391 very least examined with a fine-toothed comb.

No affiliate support contact. When an affiliate program includes a toll-free telephone number, it's a good sign that things are onrepparttar 102392 up and up. However,repparttar 102393 lack of a phone number does not necessarily meanrepparttar 102394 program needs to be avoided. The Internet lends itself to email contact, and most websites structure their contact support system accordingly. Ifrepparttar 102395 website for an online income opportunity does not include an email or a contact form, though, you are probably looking at an affiliate program scam. Once you locaterepparttar 102396 email or contact from, it's a good idea to send a message with a simple question to see how long it takesrepparttar 102397 company to respond. If you don't receive a response addressing your question within a few days, tread lightly. The company might not be intentionally trying to scam you, but if they can't quickly respond to emails, they are doing something wrong.

No web site. Similarly a contact email without a website shouldn't instill much confidence. A legitimate online income opportunity will have a detailed web site, providing information and showing some time and energy has gone into planning. A simple website is not difficult to create, but leaves a slightly larger trail leading back torepparttar 102398 creator than that left by a mass emailing. Again, whilerepparttar 102399 presence of a web site is not a guarantee that a program is trustworthy,repparttar 102400 absence of a web site should definitely be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism.

No product or service. What isrepparttar 102401 company selling? Ifrepparttar 102402 only product is a chance to make money, you've probably stumbled onto a pyramid scheme. In order for any referral marketing organization to make money, someone onrepparttar 102403 outside must pay money torepparttar 102404 organization. Ifrepparttar 102405 only people paying are joiningrepparttar 102406 organization, than no income is being generated. The members are just passing money around between themselves with everyone hoping to be holdingrepparttar 102407 bag of money whenrepparttar 102408 music stops. Above and beyond this fundamental flaw inrepparttar 102409 business model, pyramid schemes are also illegal inrepparttar 102410 United States.

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