Reseller Web Hosting - A Cheaper Alternative?

Written by Jeff Usher

There comes a time whenrepparttar internet bug hits us all and we tend to acquire a wealth of domain names and web sites to feed our frenzy.

We start out withrepparttar 138122 best intentions, set up a personal home page with a few details about ourselves, then create more for our family, then our business and before we know it we have several domain names and web sites spread across several web hosting companies.

A more convenient approach would be to set yourself up with a reseller account with one hosting company.

Most people assume that to have a reseller account, you need to be inrepparttar 138123 business of selling hosting. This is not true. Anyone can set up a reseller account and enjoyrepparttar 138124 benefits of saving money and also havingrepparttar 138125 convenience of only dealing with one company for all your hosting needs.

I'll take my hosting reseller as an example. They provide a very competitive reseller account priced at $35. Their Reseller's Package allows you to host 100 Domains. You are allowed to give every Domain you host up to 20GB's of monthly transfer and up to 2.5GB of storage.

Hacked Off With CSS?

Written by Andrew Faulkner

Many webmasters/designers are now using CSS for layout purposes on their sites to ensure web current web standards are met. But with current trends it can be hard to predictrepparttar exact look of a site acrossrepparttar 138121 complete range of browsers. Some are flawed and some have their ‘special quirks’ when displaying a website. Designers, beingrepparttar 138122 types that need perfection in their design, often ‘Hack’ their CSS code to create a design that ‘works’ across browsers or platforms. But is thisrepparttar 138123 way forward?

For those not familiar with CSS Hacks, they are ways of using styles/classes that only apply to particular browsers. They are used to overcomerepparttar 138124 display problems mentioned previously by exploiting CSS structure and code. Most involve simple punctuation tricks to foolrepparttar 138125 problematic browser into accepting a different style torepparttar 138126 browsers that display correctly.

CSS Hacks work, but there are two main points to consider.

Firstly,repparttar 138127 validity ofrepparttar 138128 CSS may be affected. Invalid CSS hardly seems worthwhile asrepparttar 138129 main aim of CSS layout is to embrace web standards.

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