Research and the gathering of information

Written by Jason Preece

Search Engines

Those of us who work inrepparttar IT industry know thatrepparttar 101921 key to success is knowledge. Knowledge of your chosen market, of your competitors, new software, new hardware and a million other things that you need to know.

Granted, it’s not an easy task. It often takes dedicated ‘geeks’ continually surfingrepparttar 101922 Net forrepparttar 101923 necessary information day in, day out, to filter throughrepparttar 101924 masses of information overload that is commonplace onrepparttar 101925 Net today. But there are certain ‘methods’ that might make it a bit easier and more efficient.

Most users ofrepparttar 101926 Internet are familiar with ‘Search Engines’ but few understand how they actually work and although it isn’t necessary to understandrepparttar 101927 actual algorithms used for individual engines it’s important to have an idea ofrepparttar 101928 type and quality ofrepparttar 101929 results that get shown.

The main types of engines arerepparttar 101930 generic search engines such as Google and All The Web, next arerepparttar 101931 Directories such as Yahoo and finally there arerepparttar 101932 Meta Search engines such as IXQuick and Metor. Although there are others such as PPC’s and Mete-meta search engines (All in one) I won’t list them all as it may confuserepparttar 101933 issue.

These engines provide results in different ways and, if you can understand them, will enable you to find more information on any particular topic than would normally be available to you if you were to use only one or two engines.

Firstly,repparttar 101934 generic search engines use an automated searching program (spider) to try and locate any site that matchesrepparttar 101935 query that you entered into its search box. It then lists them according to its own idea of what it believes isrepparttar 101936 most relevant to you. The directories, however, have humans to sort out different sites into different sections and hopefully weed out sites that would not be appropriate to your request. These are a bit more limiting but often give quality information. Lastly we haverepparttar 101937 Meta search engines, these utiliserepparttar 101938 services of a multitude of different search engines to search simultaneously for sites that match your query. Again, they then sort outrepparttar 101939 sites according to what they believe might berepparttar 101940 most relevant to you. The biggest use of these is to find leads for a subject you are not familiar with.

Ok, that’srepparttar 101941 basics sorted out.

Advanced search tools

Many engines have advanced search features that use a mixture of Boolean search tools and restrictive results that can give a more precise return on your query. These normally include instructions such as:

Desire, Lack & Sensuality in Business/Lifestyle

Written by Susan James

Have you ever thought about where *desire* begins? I have, andrepparttar "buck" seems to stop at Divine Mind. What does this have to do with Business and Lifestyle?

Of particular note in both business & lifestyle desires arerepparttar 101920 patterns of "need & lack". We say: "I need that but I lack this to get it, therefore I know it won't come". Energy Follows Awareness. What does this mean? It means that everything is energy. Lack is energy. If we think lack, that means we are aware of lack, and it then shows up more in our lives & businesses. It'srepparttar 101921 way things work whether we "know" it and apply that knowing, or not.

The Electromagnetic field, that "sweet invisible space in front of our face", is whererepparttar 101922 action is for our lives. It'srepparttar 101923 home plate of where we sendrepparttar 101924 home runs for our life. It's our "field of dreams" so to speak.

When we have a "lack" thought, it usually means, we are focused on what we don't have. We wish we hadrepparttar 101925 thing, but that's not where our mind is. Our mind is spending its energy onrepparttar 101926 playing field of , "I don't have it and it hurts my heart and mind that I don't have it. I simply do not have it and it hurts. It's not here, and it hurts".

Therefore, on our "field of dreams" our electromagnetic field, we begin to draw baseballs of hurt, bruises, pain and broken- ness on some level. That's how that particular game goes. We need to begin a new game, this one is rained out and not to be re-scheduled.

On to Need. Need has a different flavor than lack. Lack is a form of desire, and we can create and do create from lack, it's just slow going and painful. Our option is create from desire instead of lack.

Need onrepparttar 101927 other hand is a "I've got to have this thing, I simply have to have it. I'm going to have this thing. I don't know how, but I have to have it, I NEED IT !" "Why do I need it ? It fulfills me on some level. It makes my business run successfully, and my life feels better. It completes something for me on some level."

This is like a searching. Ok where is it?

We need it. We need it so much that our antennae is way out there, "looking" searching. We are projecting "forward" in our mind and expandingrepparttar 101928 possibilities all around our playing field for home runs, first base hits, triples, stealing into home forrepparttar 101929 victory.

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