Research Haulers before you choose a transport company to ship your Car, Boat, Horse, Furniture, etc...

Written by John Kaufman

When you are having your valued items shipped, it is important to findrepparttar best hauler for job, not necessarilyrepparttar 102686 cheapest. Customer service, reliability, and trustworthiness are all important factors in choosing a transport company. An unscrupulous trucker can cost you money, damage your property, and cause you a hard time.

Recommended Steps to take before hiring a transport company:

- Ask Questions - When you first contact a hauler, you should ask as many relevant questions as you can regardingrepparttar 102687 care they will take with your property, scheduling, contract issues, what type of equipment they have, licensing, insurance, and take some time to get a feel forrepparttar 102688 type of people you are dealing with. The vast majority of truckers / haulers are reputable business people that simply want to help you,repparttar 102689 best way to weed outrepparttar 102690 few that aren't is in this first stage. - Get References - Most haulers should be prepared to provide you with several references in regards to RECENT jobs they have done. If time allows try to contact every reference and ask questions regardingrepparttar 102691 type of service they received from their hauler. Remember, that no one is perfect all ofrepparttar 102692 time, so if there are any less than perfect reviews, follow up with a question to see howrepparttar 102693 hauler resolvedrepparttar 102694 issue.

Sample questions to ask provided references: - What did you have __(company name)___ haul? - When did they haul it? - Did they keep you well informed of their pickup / delivery schedule? - How well did they keep their original promised schedule? - Did they take good care of your (car, boat, horse, furniture, etc..)? - If any problems occurred, how didrepparttar 102695 hauler resolve them? - How would you rate your overall experience with this hauler? - Would your recommend this hauler to others?

Userepparttar 102696 above questions in an e-mail or as a template for a phone conversation withrepparttar 102697 provided references, and you will have a very good idea of what to expect when you userepparttar 102698 hauler yourself.

- Check Licensing - Your hauler should be able to provide you with his DOT number, and MC, Number. You can checkrepparttar 102699 validity of their DOT number atrepparttar 102700 FMCA website: - A DOT license lets you know thatrepparttar 102701 hauler has filedrepparttar 102702 proper paperwork and paysrepparttar 102703 proper taxes and fees when hauling your items.

Learn how to choose the right fuel treatments for your car

Written by Jakob Jelling

Choosingrepparttar right fuel treatments might berepparttar 102685 difference between your car mechanism's receiving bad deposits or not as well as it could reducerepparttar 102686 engine's wear or increase it in case it was wrongly chosen. Due to all these reasons, it is very important that you buyrepparttar 102687 right fuel treatments for your car instead of choosing them randomly.

If you wish to learn whichrepparttar 102688 right fuel treatments for your car are, you should start by consulting your car owner's manual. Most car owner's manuals come with indications regardingrepparttar 102689 use of fuel treatments and some of them would let you know which ones you should buy and which ones you should avoid since some of them could be very prejudicial.

Fuel treatments are applied in order to improve specific car functioning areas and therefore you should have a clear idea on what you need to correct before buyingrepparttar 102690 treatment fuel for it. This way, one ofrepparttar 102691 best ways to make sure you will buyrepparttar 102692 right fuel treatment for your car is by choosing it accordingrepparttar 102693 specific problem it is going through.

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