Repetition is the Key to Learning Something Deeply

Written by Ron Worthy

Repetition Is The Key To Learning Something Deeply

Repetition isrepparttar key to learning something deeply. It works most effectively when you are isolating a small amount of material, becauserepparttar 145019 object of your focus will be more specific.

When you haverepparttar 145020 correct chord movement for part of an exercise or tune under you hands, repeat it continuously until is flows. You should notice a gradual increase in your comfort level as you continue repetitions, eventually remove your eyes from bothrepparttar 145021 music andrepparttar 145022 keys, and keep repeating untilrepparttar 145023 movements seem easy. This activity is especially important for problem spots in harmonic exercise or tunes.

Try to have your hands in position, actually touchingrepparttar 145024 notes before you strike a chord. This will reinforce your "hand memory" ofrepparttar 145025 chord's shape. When you are ready to playrepparttar 145026 chord, lift your hands an inch or two and droprepparttar 145027 full weight of your hands onrepparttar 145028 keys, going torepparttar 145029 bottom ofrepparttar 145030 key bed.

At first, you probably will miss some notes, and that is OK; simply makerepparttar 145031 necessary corrections and continue with more repetitions, keeping that feeling of dropping. This will achieve a fuller sound, and your hands will learnrepparttar 145032 shape ofrepparttar 145033 chords much more quickly and securely.

Finding Your Own Pathway to Specialized Health Care

Written by Search for

We live in a highly specialized age. New industries and professions spring up asrepparttar established sectors break down into smaller categories. Driven byrepparttar 145018 wealth of detail in an increasingly complex world, employers and clients prefer to hire specialists rather than generalists. That decision is often based on cost-effectiveness. And with so much more to know about everything, it pays to specialize in your areas of interest.

This is particularly true inrepparttar 145019 medical profession. As society becomes more health conscious,repparttar 145020 general awareness of cause and effect is bringing health issues intorepparttar 145021 mainstream of daily life. Medicine no longer happens entirely withinrepparttar 145022 walls of a hospital. Nurses find themselves in other settings, playingrepparttar 145023 roles of social workers, detectives or attorneys. These new career paths offer an expanding range of professional benefits, including career advancement, job security, and even self-employment opportunities. So, how can you get there from where you are now?

Kaplan University’s Health Care Pathways Programs This is where a school like Kaplan University entersrepparttar 145024 picture. As an institution with almost 70 years’ experience in preparing adults for rewarding careers, Kaplan offers Health Care Pathways, an online program for nurses, therapists, social workers, and anyone whose professional life is moving intorepparttar 145025 convergence of these fields.

There are five certificates available through Health Care Pathways, each addressing a growing need within or related torepparttar 145026 medical profession.

Geriatric Care Management Certificate A Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) arranges health and human services for senior citizens whose self-care abilities are in decline. A GCM will assess his or her patient’s needs, coordinaterepparttar 145027 services required, and monitorrepparttar 145028 situation for ongoing effectiveness. If you have a passion for helpingrepparttar 145029 elderly and are trained as a registered nurse, medical doctor, physical or occupational therapist, social worker, case manager, or psychologist, you can easily enter this profession with Kaplan’s GCM certificate. Although AARP statistics putrepparttar 145030 average hourly rate at $74, this could vary widely depending on your background,repparttar 145031 number of cases you choose to handle, and whether you work for a government or insurance agency, home health care or long-term care service, social service agency or as an independent consultant.

Life Care Planning Certificate A Life Care Planner (LCP) is committed to helping people with catastrophic injuries or chronic health problems. As an LCP, you’ll develop and implement plans to improverepparttar 145032 quality of life for medically dependent people. You’ll locate and coordinate all necessary care and treatment. RNs and qualified rehabilitation professionals are needed in this field, particularly if you have a Kaplan University LCP certificate. According torepparttar 145033 Certified Life Care Planners association,repparttar 145034 salary range for this profession is $80 to $150 per hour. This reflectsrepparttar 145035 diversity of LCP work environments, such as government agencies, law firms, insurance companies, HMOs and independent practice.

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