Renting a House

Written by Don Romanek

Renting a house or a room in your home is a great business that millions of people take advantage of to make some extra cash. While many people rent houses each year, not all of them are successful. Renting a house can be profitable and rewarding if you manage it properly.

Benefits of Renting a House

The main reason for renting a house is you can gain a large steady income. Many people buy rental houses in areas that have a constant flow of tenants and rent them for much more thanrepparttar cost ofrepparttar 141514 mortgage. Or, you have decided to sell, butrepparttar 141515 property value is lower than you expected. Over time, a house rental will increase in value and you will gain capital appreciation in addition to a steady rental income.

Typically, a house will rent for a lot more than an apartment. They generally will offer more space and they are usually rented by groups such as families, professionals or students as an alternative to buying or renting smaller spaces.

Another benefit of renting a house is to use it as a vacation home and only rent for part ofrepparttar 141516 year. Many people buy shore homes and rent them except for a few weeks ofrepparttar 141517 year.

Donít forget aboutrepparttar 141518 tax advantages. Any tools, supplies and services you purchase forrepparttar 141519 house can be a tax deduction.

Challenges of Renting a House

Of course there are many challenges to renting a house. While rental income may be bigger, if a property goes un-rented for a period of time, you stand to lose more if you canít find tenants.

Maintenance of a home rental can also be challenging. Regular painting, lawn care, snow removal can require constant attention or qualified professionals that will cost you money.

Questions from your tenants on how things work, requests for repairs and rent collection can also take away fromrepparttar 141520 experience of house renting.

5 Easy Tips on Using Light to Improve Your Day

Written by Eve Abbott, the Organizer Extraordinaire

5 Easy Tips on Using Light to Improve Your Day By Eve Abbott, Excerpted from her new book,How to Do Space Age Work with a Stone Age Brain TM

Light, Work, and You Winter is here-and with it, short days, long nights, and Seasonal Affective Disorder. It is scientifically proven thatrepparttar quantity and quality of light plays a significant role in mood and work performance.

Many people spend much more time in front of their computers and/or under indoor lighting conditions whererepparttar 141480 light is fluorescent (green) or incandescent (orange) which contributes to dry, burning eyestrain.

Now we can take advantage of full spectrum lighting - either by using long lasting light bulbs or lamps of all kinds.

Full spectrum light will changerepparttar 141481 way you work and reduce visual fatigue as well as lifting your energy levels. Your eyes are designed to work with sunlight and won't tire as quickly because this energy-efficient light source:

* Replicatesrepparttar 141482 true spectrum of sunlight * Makes a naturally glare-free light. * Provides sharp visibility without strain * Illuminates true colors

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