Rental Properties - 10 Tips For Better Cash Flow

Written by Steve Gillman

What if you want better cash flow from your rental properties? You can't just raiserepparttar rents arbitrarily. If tenants leave, income goes down, not up. There are other ways, though, includingrepparttar 149519 ones listed below.

1. Install coin-operated washing machines. Even if you don't haverepparttar 149520 money to do this yourself, you can find a company that will do it for you, and sharerepparttar 149521 income with you. 2. Rent extra parking space. When I got tired of a renter's extra car, I just started charging a weekly fee. Then I didn't mind so much.

3. Raiserepparttar 149522 rent. Okay, we did dismiss ARBITRARY rent hikes as a cash-flow solution, but check onrepparttar 149523 rates for similar units. Are you renting at below-market rates?

4. Rent storage sheds. Especially if your apartments are small, your renters may need a place to store their things. Don't let them spend their money elsewhere. Put a few sheds onrepparttar 149524 property.

5. Enforce late fees. It is perfectly fair to have a fee for late payment of rent, and guess what? Those who are chronically late usually don't even mind - they just don't look at these thingsrepparttar 149525 same way as others.

First-time house buyers: to buy or not to buy that is the question.

Written by Richard Green

Buying your first house is always a difficult time. There are so many important decisions to make, and problems to be solved, which combine to make it one ofrepparttar most stressful events that will occur in most people’s lives.

Some ofrepparttar 149518 most obvious problems includerepparttar 149519 need to: * find a suitable house to purchase * plough through complicated financial information * choose an appropriate mortgage that will coverrepparttar 149520 cost ofrepparttar 149521 house and is within your own strict budgets * save up enough money (usually whilst still renting another property) to cover a mortgage deposit * deal with unfamiliar legal fees, surveys and other costs * make a realistic offer on your prospective new home * waiting to see ifrepparttar 149522 offer is accepted * completerepparttar 149523 purchase * move and get settled inrepparttar 149524 new house, with whatever decorating/rebuilding is required

Given these factors, it is perhaps not surprising that first-time buyers can berepparttar 149525 first to get spooked by changes inrepparttar 149526 housing market.

First-time buyers (FTBs) make up an extremely important sector ofrepparttar 149527 house buying market, and many analysts view them asrepparttar 149528 life blood ofrepparttar 149529 whole housing market. Without them a housing slowdown or even collapse ofrepparttar 149530 system is inevitable. Recent reductions inrepparttar 149531 number of FTBs purchasing houses, with Scotland achieving its lowest annual total for nine years, andrepparttar 149532 increasing struggles experienced by FTBs trying to get ontorepparttar 149533 first rung ofrepparttar 149534 property ladder will have serious knock-on effects, which are already being experienced around much ofrepparttar 149535 country.

National Savings and Investments (NS&I) Senior Savings Strategist Dax Harkins said: "Despite a recent cooling house market, house prices have continued to outstrip both savings rates and incomes overrepparttar 149536 last year which means potential first-time buyers need to start saving sooner and harder to get intorepparttar 149537 market."

Whilst house prices continue to increase at a faster rate than people’s incomes there will be fewer people able to afford a house.

In a recent study NS&I found thatrepparttar 149538 average length of time required by FTBs, to save for a 5% mortgage deposit, ranged from five years in East Anglia, to three years, nine months in Scotland, withrepparttar 149539 average being four years and nine months, this is nine months longer than a year ago. The average age of first-time buyers also has increased, going from 37 from 31 three years ago. The property website Rightmove has warned thatrepparttar 149540 housing market could remain static for several years whilst it waits forrepparttar 149541 incomes of FTBs to catch up withrepparttar 149542 housing prices. Miles Shipside, commercial director of Rightmove, said "As many sellers are refusing to part with gains they have made, buyers are forced to make uprepparttar 149543 affordability gap…The reality is it will take seven years of static house prices and wage inflation to bridge this affordability gap.” Marjorie Townsend, head of Edinburgh-based Lindsays Residential, says: "It was recently reported that an average home in Edinburgh costs seven timesrepparttar 149544 income ofrepparttar 149545 majority of nurses. This is a shocking statistic.” With over one in six FTBs turning to relatives and more high street lenders offering 100% mortgages, or even 102% from Lloyds TSB and Scottish Widows, to help buyers get ontorepparttar 149546 property ladder, some may be able to squeeze ontorepparttar 149547 first rung, but end up with long-term crippling debt inrepparttar 149548 process, fuellingrepparttar 149549 continued house prices inflation.

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