Renew Your Domain Name!

Written by Dennis Eppestine

The old adage, "You learn something new every day" is certainly true, isn't it?

How many articles have I read on renewing your domain name?

*On being so careful to get it done?

*On watching out for unscrupulous people who wait to pounce on domain names that people forget to renew?

*On keeping your site up and running?

50? 100? I'm sure it's been at LEAST that many.

But what did I do? I let my domain name run out! Last week you may have noticed you didn't receive a newsletter. That's because I couldn't send you one!

My site was down for two days. How many visitors did I lose? How many sales didn't get made? I'll never know.

Sins of The Internet: Domain Sniper

Written by Richard Lowe

The internet sure makes it possible to do things quickly, sometimes so quickly it will make your head spin. One day your site is selling lots of product or is very popular, andrepparttar next no one is visiting. Perhaps your site got kicked out of a major search engine or some competitor hijacked your page and your listing. Or perhaps someone just brought a new site online which is simply gaining all of your traffic.

Or perhaps you just forgot to renew your domain name. Maybe you changed your email address and forgot to update your domains contact information. Or your spam filters automatically deleted that renewal message that you got. Maybe you deleted it yourself, thinking it was just another piece of junk email. It could simply be that your domain registrar had a glitch in their reminder software, meaning you didn't getrepparttar 108307 reminder email.

Whatever happened, your domain name expired. You have to understand that domains are only leased or rented for a certain period of time. You do not own them forever, and you must renew them in advance of their expiration - or you risk losing them forever.

You mentally kick yourself, load your browser and enterrepparttar 108308 URL for your registrar's site. After you log in, you enterrepparttar 108309 information to renew. If you are lucky, they take your money and your name is reactivated within a few days. All is well, just remember to renew beforehand next time.

Quite often, however, you will not be able to renew your domain because inrepparttar 108310 meantime someone else purchased it out from under your nose. This most often happens if your name is very desirable (likely to be typed by someone) or has very high traffic, but it can occur with any domain name.

Why did this happen? Oftentimes, someone just happened to buy it for honest reasons. More often, however, there are shady motivations behindrepparttar 108311 purchase.

Someone may have sniped your domain.

This simply means they've been watching your domain name, waiting for it to expire. They waited throughrepparttar 108312 hold period untilrepparttar 108313 name became available, then quickly purchasedrepparttar 108314 domainrepparttar 108315 second it was deleted fromrepparttar 108316 internet databases.

These people generally have no intention of creating a web site, selling a product or doing anything you'd normally expected with a domain name. What they want to do is sellrepparttar 108317 name back to you, or to anyone else who is interested.

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