Remodeling Tips Should You Do The Remodeling Yourself?

Written by Judi Singleton

When we decide to remodel often we have tastes that outway our budgets. We have a vision of just what we want, then we getrepparttar bids fromrepparttar 100131 contractors, they are far beyond what we can afford. So we suddenly see ourselves as do it yourself contractors. We can saverepparttar 100132 labor costs and do it ourselves we think.

But should you dorepparttar 100133 work yourself? Well we have to look at a number of things. Do you haverepparttar 100134 skills or can you aquirerepparttar 100135 skills, do you haverepparttar 100136 tools and safety gear? Can you rentrepparttar 100137 tools and safety gear and still save money? What about your time can you takerepparttar 100138 time it is going to take to completerepparttar 100139 job? What is your time worth in dollars and cents? Do you really want to dorepparttar 100140 labor? We have to look at these questions and decide an honest answer to each one before taking onrepparttar 100141 tasks at hand.

Unless you are a highly skilled do-it-yourselfer, avoid taking on jobs that may be dangerous, particularly difficult, or where a mistake can be quite costly. Some jobs simply are not worthrepparttar 100142 risk. For example, think twice before doing:

Unless you are a highly skilled do it yourselfer then you should avoid jobs that could be dangerous or that take a lot of skills because mistakes can be more costly than hiring someone else to dorepparttar 100143 job righ inrepparttar 100144 first place.

So You Decided To Remodel Your Bathroom

Written by Judi Singleton

Bathroom remodeling ranks up there with kitchen remodeling inrepparttar U.S. I thought when I thought I should remodel my bathroom that a simple spruce up would do costing maybe tops $1000. I had a new toliet and vanity. I badly needed a new tub. I didn't count a wall having to come out to accomodate a new tub. Also that meant thatrepparttar 100130 new tub surround I had installed just two years before had to be taken out. The bids I got were closer to $10,000. Too much we would just have to put up withrepparttar 100131 old bath. My new toliet did not work very well. Whilerepparttar 100132 toliet itself looked just fine it did not flush well. The federal government outlawedrepparttar 100133 standard toilet homeowners have used for decades, so they are no longer being produced. Now, you must install a toilet that only uses 1.5 gallons of water per flush. So if you have an older toliet you may just want to replacerepparttar 100134 inards toliets don't wear out. Some higher-end toilets also come with pressure-assisted flush mechanisms. Available for years inrepparttar 100135 commercial market, these toilets use compressed air to assist in flushing. However, these toliets can cost from $150. to $500. So think about whether it is worthrepparttar 100136 new look orrepparttar 100137 toliet flushing well before you buy a toliet.

While you are thinking about remodelingrepparttar 100138 bath you might think about your needs changing in a few years and safety factors.

Bathrooms should be designed with floors that do not become slick when wet. Avoiding things like sharp corners, hard edges, and scalding hot water. This can make everyone using them safe.

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