Reminic Achieves NRHA Million Dollar Sire Status - March 12, 2004

Written by National Reining Horse Association

Reminic, a 1978 bay stallion by Doc’s Remedy and out of Fillinic, has sired earners of $1,042,003.52 in NRHA competition, becomingrepparttar eighth stallion to achieverepparttar 124195 NRHA Million Dollar Sire distinction. Bred by Greg Ward of Tulare, California, and owned byrepparttar 124196 Reminic Partnership (Chuck McAnally and Jim Babcock), Reminic currently stands atrepparttar 124197 Babcock Ranch in Gainesville, Texas. In 1981, Reminic wasrepparttar 124198 NCHA Futurity high placing stallion and placing fifth overall. His NCHA earnings exceed $81,000. But his most recent accomplishments are through his offspring. Helping their sire earn this milestone were NRHA Open Futurity Champions Boomernic and Von Reminic and NRHA Derby Co-Champion Buenonic Chex. Brett Stone rode Claudia Cattell‘s Boomernic torepparttar 124199 1992 Open Futurity win, earningrepparttar 124200 $100,000 Futurity paycheck. Out of Docs Leavem Smoke by Mr Gun Smoke,repparttar 124201 1989 stallion has total earnings of $109,905.90. In 2000, Todd Sommers rode Frank Bolea’s Von Reminic torepparttar 124202 NRHA Open Futurity championship. Von Reminic's NRHA Lifetime Earnings exceed $180,000. Out of Von Freckles by Colonel Freckles, he earnedrepparttar 124203 first NRHA Futurity $150,000 winner’s paycheck. Sommers also rode Enzo Gola’s Buenonic Chex torepparttar 124204 1998 NRHA Derby Co-Champion title. Out of Sample Chex by Bueno Chex,repparttar 124205 1994 stallion has more than $90,000 in NRHA earnings. Other money earning NRHA offspring include Boogernic ($42,240.73), A Genuine Remedy ($40,108.99), Diablonic ($42,564.94), Mister Montana Nic ($53,176.91).

Cowboy Central Rewards NRHA Exhibitors

Written by National Reining Horse Associaton


NRHA Corporate Sponsor Cowboy Central really stepped up torepparttar plate and isrepparttar 124194 driving force behindrepparttar 124195 new Cowboy Central Saddle Series. Below you will find everything you need to know to qualify for a brand new Cowboy Central saddle at your respective Affiliate Championship Finals.

Each Open and Non Pro class at each North American affiliate show and at each international show will be considered a qualifying class.

A rider must be a member of an NRHA affiliate to participate.

A rider may qualify in only one region and for only one affiliate.

A rider does not have a minimum or maximum number of shows to attend.

Points will be awarded based on a one rider-multiple horses basis. All points earned by a rider will be utilized in determining a rider's total points, regardless ofrepparttar 124196 number of horses ridden.

Points will be awarded as follows, regardless ofrepparttar 124197 number of entries inrepparttar 124198 class: 1st-100 points, 2nd-99 points, 3rd-98 points, 4th-97 points, etc.

All entries in a class with a score will be awarded points. The top 4 riders plus ties from each affiliate will advance torepparttar 124199 Cowboy Central Saddle Series Finals held at each ofrepparttar 124200 six (6) North American regional finals andrepparttar 124201 European Affiliate Finals. North American Rider Qualification

Riders must declare a primary affiliate by July 1st. Riders will qualify through affiliate shows held January 1, 2004 - September 6, 2004.

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