Remembering Where We Are Going

Written by Sibyl McLendon

Those of us who are attempting to walkrepparttar spiritual path in this lifetime often have a difficult time. Over and over again, I hear my friends say that they are tired of always being *broke, sick, depressed*… whateverrepparttar 122430 challenge may be. I am sometimes guilty of this myself. We are human here, after all. It would be so nice to have extra money every month afterrepparttar 122431 bills are paid, or to wake up inrepparttar 122432 morning feeling wonderful and well. However,repparttar 122433 spiritual path is seldom this easy. We all need to try and remember, every day, why we are here, where we are going and whatrepparttar 122434 goals are. If one believes truly inrepparttar 122435 laws of Karma, then one must them accept that we are here to transmute past Karma and to step up to a higher level, in this life or inrepparttar 122436 next. We are here for one reason only: to advance. Where we are going is home, back to spirit where we belong. What arerepparttar 122437 goals? It is to live every day torepparttar 122438 fullest, inrepparttar 122439 most honorable way possible and to do whatever good we can do inrepparttar 122440 process. Acceptingrepparttar 122441 negative energy that comes to us, and then sending it back out in as positive a way as we can. None of this is easy! In fact, it is as difficult a task as anyone can accept. Many timesrepparttar 122442 negative that comes to us feels unfair. We are always attempting to berepparttar 122443 best that we can be, so why do these problems keep coming up? Why does it seem as if we can never get ahead? I believe that exactly because we are spiritual beings, aware of Karma, reincarnation,repparttar 122444 universal laws that govern us all, there is a subtle little pool of quicksand, waiting to suck us in… and this quicksand pool is named, "I deserve better."

Becoming More Conscious

Written by Linda-Ann Stewart

You are creating your life experience every single day. Your life is formed from what you think about all day long. The beliefs and attitudes that are so habitual that you don't even notice them shaping your experiences. Instead of responding to situations from an awareness of All Potentials, you react to stimuli from outdated concepts. By re-acting, acting out an attitude over and over, you remain unconscious of what you're doing, and that you're probably sabotaging whatever it is that you want.

Have you ever opened a bag of potato chips and unconsciously nibbled on them while watching a movie? Maybe you'd like to lose weight, but all of a suddenrepparttar bag is empty. Oops! You probably weren't even hungry, but you ate them out of habit. Wanting a specific thing to happen in your life, you're actually filling your mental screen with its opposite. The very thing you want to eliminate from your life clutters it up, chattering, "I can't have," "I don't have," "I don't deserve." You believe that whatrepparttar 122429 mental chatter says is truth, maybe because someone you trusted told you it was so. Or you believe in them because they're happening in your life. You believe life is difficult. Just look at allrepparttar 122430 problems you have right now. But you don't have problems because life is difficult; you have problems because you "believe" that life is difficult. You have a mental fog of illusion, delusion, confusion, and this fog permeates every idea and concept you have.

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