Remember High Tech can equal High Touch

Written by Doug Curfman

Do you rememberrepparttar commercial whererepparttar 127489 sales manager handed out airline tickets becauserepparttar 127490 sales staff was loosing touch with their customers? That impactful commercial typifiesrepparttar 127491 fear many corporate executives have when approachingrepparttar 127492 natural extension of e-business. I believe high tech equals high touch. Here are some essential concerns to keep in mind when approaching e-business. These questions can help you focus your electronic growth so that you will humanize your e-business strategies.

1.)Today, how do you communicate on a daily with your customers? Look at your current business model and consider how you take orders. By building an online order taking process, you can offer your customersrepparttar 127493 best of both worlds with traditional and online ordering. This online extension of order taking will save your customers time and create good will toward your company. Technology can extend order taking by linking with your existing inventory control and accounting systems therefore streamlining your processes. The streamlining will reduce your customers' paperwork and cost per transaction as well as making it easier to interact with your company.

2.)What arerepparttar 127494 repeat questions your customers ask? A simple, focused web presence can head off those repetitive questions from potential customers. Yes, your are right in that you can turn face-to-face questions into a sale. You need to remember today's customers are using email andrepparttar 127495 Internet to scout potential vendors. Today buyers do their research before picking uprepparttar 127496 telephone. Online FAQ's will providerepparttar 127497 background they are seeking so they are more informed when they contact you. This gives your sales associates an advantage. They can turn that potential call into a personal, human interaction if sales associates do not have to repeat FAQ's.

3.)How many of your customers are online and actively using e-mail? Ignore your customers and they will go away. This common phrase is a lesson in how not treat your customers. A recent study by Jupiter communications revealed that 42 percent of companies tested didn't respond to relevant email inquiries and took more than five days. If your customers are using email (and they are) then you must be ready to respond. Consider your business model. Who responds to customer inquiry? How will you handle email requests? How will they be delivered? Should you outsource? How will you track? Can you capture email for future marketing purposes?

A Quick And Simple Way To Quadruple Your Online Sales Within 3 Months Or Less

Written by Judy Cullins

I am a non-techie book coach who has been in business for 20 years, but only online for 2 years, and only selling ebooks and special reports for 3 months. In just 3 months I manifested amazing online profits. Inrepparttar first month, my ebooks sold $75. The second month my sales quadrupled to $300. The third month my sales catapulted ten times.

How did this happen? Certainly I'm not an overnight success. I had a huge learning curve. I kicked and screamed when business friends said, "Judy, you have to have an email account." My Web master friend said, "Judy, you have to have a Web site." That was two years ago, and now I'm known by many asrepparttar 127488 eBook Queen.

If you're like me, you may want to create an ezine to let people know who you are and what services you can give them. Be open to growing and ask people who know more than you do for help. It's amazing thatrepparttar 127489 higher you go,repparttar 127490 more willing people ahead of you are willing to help.

Yes, it takes some effort, but what else would I do since I love this work so much? Willing to delegate, my virtual assistant and myself work as a team, I dorepparttar 127491 writing andrepparttar 127492 creating, and he offers technical support to getrepparttar 127493 word out to millions of Internet savvy people who want to buy online. We spend 3 days a week 2 hours a day on these online projects.

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