Religious Dating - Traditions and Values

Written by Frank Duru

Dating someone withrepparttar same religious beliefs as you, can often result in a rewarding relationship where both you and your partner can share inrepparttar 139385 same values and traditions. It also means that if your dating becomes serious, you are less likely to have problems with family members disapproving of your choice. Of course, it shouldn't matter if they disapprove of your date or not, but in all honesty,repparttar 139386 opinion of anyone you respect or love will have an effect on you, which could lead to problems.

Regardless of which religion you belong to Muslim, Christian, Jewish, etc. you will discover that there are many ways you can connect with others who share your religion and are interested in perusing a relationship with you. You will find that this is an excellent way to begin dating, especially since it means that you already have something in common with your date.

Having one similar interest will help to create a solid conversation that is understood by both you and your date. Once you have brokenrepparttar 139387 ice, you should be able to feel more at ease with one another, so you can begin exploring new topics that are of interest torepparttar 139388 both of you.

Another advantage that you have when dating another person from your religion is that you can:

Attend Celebrations/Ceremonies Together - Since you sharerepparttar 139389 same or similar religious background as your date, you may be interested in attending prayer services or other religious outings, and share inrepparttar 139390 traditions together.

Faith - sermon notes.

Written by Hannes Wessels

Have you ever taken a child shopping for a toy? Sometimes they know exactly what they want, sometimes they jump from one item torepparttar next loving something and then dropping it forrepparttar 139340 next toy that is shinier or more interesting. With shiny eyes they look at you and say “Please daddy” but you are not sure what they really want.

The Bible says in Mark 11:23 “Whoever says to this mountain ‘ Be removed and cast intorepparttar 139341 sea’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says”.

Faith changes us, believing makes us act differently. When we have asked God something it is done! All we have to do is walk into it. We often are just like children asking God for this then changing asking God for that and often we are not dedicated to our prayers. James 1: 6-8 says that a double minded man will receive nothing. Faith changes us not God. God is alwaysrepparttar 139342 same. Faith moves God but does not change Him. Faith pleases God but His character staysrepparttar 139343 same.

We have many mountains before us at Eastcoast but we have Jesus and we must have faith. We must have faith in our personal lives and we must have faith in our corporate body. Nothing will happen without single minded determination to seerepparttar 139344 will of God unfold in this place.

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