Relevance of Description Tags

Written by Brian Basson

Although not an important factor inrepparttar search engine rank of a web page, it is still very crucial to give careful consideration to have a good description tag on every single page of your website. As withrepparttar 127814 title tag, it is important to plan and decide on an "eye-catching" description tag. The "description tag" is ultimately what will make a person click on a specific link from a search engine result. Give special attention to this fact, and you will find that your site's visits will increase by a huge margin ! People are naturally inquisitive, so make them WANT to click on your link to find out more, and not onrepparttar 127815 link ofrepparttar 127816 competition !!! Put yourself inrepparttar 127817 shoes of potential visitors to your website, and ask yourself : what will make me click on a specific link - and what info and description must it contain ? End result - more visits & sales ...

As withrepparttar 127818 Title Tag, do not makerepparttar 127819 description tag too long - rather make it short and torepparttar 127820 point, but still very attractive to click on. Google do not place any value on keywords included inrepparttar 127821 description tag, but does display it inrepparttar 127822 results - so please plan this tag well !

Interlinking between Web Pages : Why & How

Written by Brian Basson

Properly linkingrepparttar various pages on your website, is one ofrepparttar 127813 most important things you should do to assure your site receivesrepparttar 127814 full attention it deserves fromrepparttar 127815 various search engines. Why ?

well, firstly, a search engine might not be able to find and spider all your pages, if there isn't good interlinking between your website's pages. Not having a good website structure might also "confuse"repparttar 127816 search engines in building a good "picture" of your website's pages and structure.

This could inrepparttar 127817 end seriously hamper your search engine rankings for certain keywords. We have tried this concept on a trial and error basis, and believe me - it works ! Also, forrepparttar 127818 sake of clients, potential clients and surfers of your site - there's nothing more frustrating when visiting a site and not knowing where you are onrepparttar 127819 site, not knowing what else your site offers, and finally not knowing how to get there .... you might just as well give your site a death sentence right now.

Let's say you offer a wide selection of a specific product and have it illustrated over 4-5 pages. Wouldn't it be logical to have a horizontal linking system between all these pages ? Yes, you would say, but we still see plenty of sites that don't - just adding again to their site's visitors frustrations. So instead of expectingrepparttar 127820 visitor to go back to an index or menu page allrepparttar 127821 time, also give themrepparttar 127822 option of browsing between pages - as long as you make a note for them where they are onrepparttar 127823 site ! Eg. Bracelets page 2 of 5.


This starts with having a good structured contents page or a site map as it's referred to these days. I would spend a great deal of time with structuring this page if I were you ! Also look atrepparttar 127824 title and description tags, and add relevant keywords to go withrepparttar 127825 contents on this page. This will help your rankings along more than it wouldn't ...

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