Relatively Speaking

Written by Dan Reinhold

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Relatively Speaking by Dan Reinhold

It's so true.

That old saying about friends and relatives?

And when you work at home??? Hooooboy...

That's when Aunt Mary talks to your mother about someone she saw on Oprah "just like" you who ended up penniless, deranged and living onrepparttar 128311 street.

So what that you've received three new contracts and are not accepting more projects until 2015?

And Cousin Susie who's bragging to everyone (especially in hearing range of you) about her wonderful 6% raise after two years with her employer...

...not mentioning, for some reason, that her childcare costs have risen so much she needed 10% more at least...

While you smile withrepparttar 128312 knowledge that your business revenues have increased 15% inrepparttar 128313 last quarter.

Then there's your brother, who states in no uncertain terms that all this work at home nonsense is just scams and ripoffs and a bunch of fly-by-nights and you're crazy to do it.

Re-Use The Links You Have When Revising Your Site!

Written by Martin Lemieux

Re-Use The Links You Have When Revising Your Site! By: Martin Lemieux

Many times I've seen a web site undergo a revision and everything is brand new, even brand new links!

You've worked so hard to get those great page ranks for all your pages and then you get rid of them? NO NO NO.

It'srepparttar same reason why people buy "expired domains". Simply because before search engines, directories & web sites have a chance to notice there is no web site anymore, someone simply changesrepparttar 128310 site to fit their needs and utlizesrepparttar 128311 traffic coming in!

Let's say that you've made up your mind and you want to changerepparttar 128312 entire layout of your site. Before you do so, go through all your links and recordrepparttar 128313 page rank that your pages have right now.


Page 1 (PR 3/10) Link:

Page 2 (4/10)

Page 3 (2/10)

Now I would look at those pages and utilizerepparttar 128314 pages that have a rank of (4/10) for my most important information when I considerrepparttar 128315 new layout. Doing so will automatically get my page listed underrepparttar 128316 new information within Google.

Typically, I don't usually re-use pages that have a rank of 2/10, 1/10, 0/10. Anything higher will be strongly considered.

This will help search engines to recognize, a) Yesrepparttar 128317 site has changed, b) we are familiar withrepparttar 128318 pages they are re-using.

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