Relationship Building - 5 Tips and 5 Questions

Written by Martin Haworth

By building great relationships, you will shiftrepparttar baseline way up. So that when you need to manage, it will be so much easier. Think how climbing a mountain from sea level is so much harder than from a camp half-way up.

And is isn't hard - it's more about focusing on people, who they are and what interests them. And that's just where you spend your time. About them - not you, not your business. Create partnerships.

5 tips

1. Be natural - by being yourself, you will build relationships with ease. Trust yourself - let yourself go. Be open, share your feelings, but mostly, listen to others.

2. Ask questions - you will find out more about others by listening to what they have to say, so be nosy, ask open questions, find out stuff. Then ask more about what they have been telling you.

3. Show integrity - by ensuring that others can trust you, by following through with promises and being discreet, people will be more open with you and that isrepparttar 119424 doorway to great relationships. Do what you say you will do.

Performance Expectations - 5 Tips and 5 Questions

Written by Martin Haworth

People want to understand their role - they want to do well! So by being clear, really clear about what it expected of them, makes a big, big difference! And that improves performance as well as saving you time chasing others around to deliver what you want.

5 Tips

1. Be Clear - your people need to know what they are doing, both in terms of actions andrepparttar standards that you will be expecting. By being really clear, checking understanding and having it written down makes a big difference.

2. Have Patience - accept that people will want to challenge your explanations and that it is your responsibility to ensure that they understand. Enable them, indeed encourage them to come back to you with questions.

3. Keep in Touch - by building great relationships with all of your people, you keep open a door which helps them get better clarity of your expectations of them. Help that happen.

4. Fine Tune - especially when new roles come along, there may be a need to sit down withrepparttar 119423 individual and fine tune responsibilities. This doesn't mean weakening, more to show that there is a will, on both sides to make it work.

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