Rekindling Passion for Work

Written by Richard Hanes

Passion comes in many forms. I’m focused onrepparttar version of passion that is “boundless enthusiasm”. Looking up enthusiasm inrepparttar 138351 dictionary, I learned it is derived fromrepparttar 138352 Greek root entheos, which means inspired by god. Hmmm, boundless inspiration by god! When’srepparttar 138353 last time you experienced your work or career that way? Not lately? Never? Read on!

As a Boy Scout leader, one skill we teach our scouts is starting and feeding a fire. It’s a pretty simple recipe – tinder, kindling, fuel and a catalyst to getrepparttar 138354 fire started. Tinder has two parts – something easily flammable like cotton, dryer lint or shredded paper and sticksrepparttar 138355 size of pencil lead. Kindling is a little bigger wood – a finger-sized to thumb-sized stick. Fuel is a large chunk of wood. A catalyst is a match or lighter.

You’ve got to layrepparttar 138356 parts together in a specific way to be successful in gettingrepparttar 138357 fire started. You putrepparttar 138358 tinder down first. You layrepparttar 138359 cotton, lint or paper down first and gently layrepparttar 138360 pencil-lead sticks on top. Touch your match or lighter torepparttar 138361 bottom ofrepparttar 138362 tinder and watchrepparttar 138363 fire grow. Asrepparttar 138364 tinder blazes brightly, add a few pieces of kindling on it. Continue adding kindling until it’s burning hotly. Then add a piece or two of fuel, and whenrepparttar 138365 initial fuel logs are burning strongly, add more fuel.

Once your fire is burning, it needs air and more fuel to continue burning brightly and hotly. If you don’t tend to your fire’s needs, it will cool off and go out.

Just as a fire can dwindle if it’s not tended, you passion can dwindle too if it’s not tended. You may listen to your parents, family or friends who talk you out of a career that won’t pay enough money or provide you enough security. You grow numb about what inspires you by buying things, getting in debt and having to work just to pay your bills – you know, “I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go.” Or you eat or drink too much or take drugs to takerepparttar 138366 edge offrepparttar 138367 emptiness you feel for not doing what you love. It’s like startingrepparttar 138368 tinder but not putting any kindling or fuel on it.

Anthony Farmer, in his essay in A Guide to Getting It: Purpose and Passion, describes passion “as a fire that can never be truly put out… a fire that never dies that will blaze again atrepparttar 138369 will of its owner.” “Without passion you cut off vitality to our heart, your spirit and to your life.”


Written by Irvin L. Rozier


I've tried my hand at many a thing I've even wrote a song that I did sing But one dayrepparttar Lord called me aside He said work for me, I'll be your guide

Men ask me what kind of work do you do What is your profession, your boss is who I've been a soldier, a farmer, and a teacher Also an author, a carpenter, and a preacher

I've waited onrepparttar 138250 Lord to do his bidding My work for him to others has been hidden Working for Jesus,repparttar 138251 King of all kings Is an honor and a privilege and great joy brings

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