Written by Bob Osgoodby

Much ofrepparttar "hype" concerning affiliate programs centers onrepparttar 102645 anonymity ofrepparttar 102646 web, and that you won't have to have a "face to face" relationship with your potential clients. Letrepparttar 102647 autoresponders dorepparttar 102648 work, haverepparttar 102649 money deposited in your bank account while you sleep, yatta, yatta, yatta.

People want to do business with people. If you're in sales, and can't stand "Rejection", you're inrepparttar 102650 wrong business. Trying to market something online, does not shelter you from this either. People will contact you and not buy into your offer.

Worse yet, you don't even get any contacts. If this is happening, you might want to ask yourself why. Many people will simply "quit" and write it off as a bad experience. Those who succeed find out why.

The first axiom of marketing is that people want to do business with people. If their only contact is with an affiliate page, that may or may not bear your name, they will most likely "click on by". Ask yourself - would you do business with someone you never heard of, know anything about, and have no way of contacting?

Letting people know about you is one ofrepparttar 102651 strongest statements you can make about your business. If you give a short background on yourself, with appropriate contact information, they most likely will haverepparttar 102652 necessary confidence to proceed. I have full contact information on my website, including a telephone number they can call inrepparttar 102653 event of a question or a problem.

Now you might think that giving your phone number torepparttar 102654 world, is going to result in a lot of "bad things". Not true! In our 8 years of doing business onrepparttar 102655 Internet, I have never had a "crank" call - never. I postrepparttar 102656 hours that people can call, and receive very few calls outside of that time frame. After hours, I turn onrepparttar 102657 answering machine and give themrepparttar 102658 hours I'm available. I suggest a broadcast type of message which doesn't allowrepparttar 102659 caller to leave a message.

Nowrepparttar 102660 majority of people will never call, but will userepparttar 102661 email channels provided instead. The presence of a telephone number however, goes a long way in allaying their concerns. I don't recommend an "800" number, as people will think twice before spending their own dime to call. I also give a mailing address, and no, we haven't been visited by "stalkers".

Testing The Water

Written by Bob Osgoodby

I don't care if you are in an affiliate program, are involved in Network Marketing or just trying to sell your products to a niche market. Just ask yourself this: How many ofrepparttar "High Fliers" have their own web site, and how many ofrepparttar 102644 "Also Rans" don't?

No one is going to take you as a serious on-line entrepreneur if you are promoting a program withrepparttar 102645 URL such as: However if you have your own site - It will show you are serious.

Search Engines will strip offrepparttar 102646 script.cgi?59432, so there goes your commission right outrepparttar 102647 window. That is if they bother indexingrepparttar 102648 site inrepparttar 102649 first place. Undoubtedlyrepparttar 102650 affiliate page will already be indexed, and your page with them is most likely going to be ignored as they already have it. They won't re-index a page if it does not contain anything new, and since you can't change it, it won't.

With your own site you will be able to easily track which of your advertising campaigns are generating traffic and, more importantly, which ones are generating sales. Without being able to accurately track your ads, you will be wasting a lot of money and time.

Having your own site will enable you to build up trust with your clients and potential clients, something that is much overlooked these days. Everyone involved in online sales, recommends that you put contact information on your web site. You can't do this with an affiliate page, but can do anything you wish with your own.

Now here isrepparttar 102651 best part. Suppose you join a program, and get an affiliate page that you spend a lot to promote. Ifrepparttar 102652 program is "played out', or is simply not producing, and you decide to investigate another opportunity, allrepparttar 102653 ad money you spent is wasted. Many people also are in multiple programs, and must advertise each independently as they all have their own domain.

If you have your own site however, this is notrepparttar 102654 case. You can choose which, and how many, programs you are promoting all from your one site. This means that if you change or add programs, there is no need to go through all your ads and change your referral URL, You just need to change A big bonus is that if you do have multiple programs on your site, someone may come from one ad, see another program they like, and join that one as well.

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