Reinventing Yourself for Multiple Careers

Written by Mary Carroll

In many countries aroundrepparttar globe, people are born into their station in life and hence their professions. It is unnecessary for them to plan a career as they are expected to perform one specific job their entire lives. These cultures do not consider personal growth orrepparttar 138674 possibility of choosing one’s profession.

America, onrepparttar 138675 other hand, was built on self-reinvention, and today’s economy demands it. Those born before 1946 are less likely to have changed careers or even worked for more than one employer during their lifetimes.

Today, many employees outliverepparttar 138676 lifespan ofrepparttar 138677 companies they work for, andrepparttar 138678 average worker can now expect to have at least three or more careers, with up to six different positions within each of those careers.

Hardly a week goes by without hearing of corporate takeovers, mergers and corporate downsizing. As a result, thousands of seasoned employees are facing burnout from increased responsibilities or being laid-off and replaced with younger, lower-paid employees. Many are looking for a different means of earning a livelihood.

Forrepparttar 138679 first time in history, employees must learn to manage themselves and take responsibility for their own employment. Evenrepparttar 138680 word “career” is taking on new meaning, as a new generation of employees is moving in and out of multiple careers during their lifetimes.

Keep in mind that a career change is notrepparttar 138681 same as job advancement within a specific career. Most are either lateral or a step down in income until you gain experience and expertise in your new career. Be prepared to downsize your lifestyle.

Think of choosing a new career as an opportunity to bring a fresh outlook and revitalization to your life, as new experiences will stimulate your thought processes.

The most importance part of selecting a new career is alsorepparttar 138682 most obvious, . . . deciding on what you want to do. Often this is a natural offshoot of a previous occupation(s). Reinventing yourself often involves a unique merging of your old talents with your new skill set.

Begin by making an honest assessment of your skills, interests and experiences and ask yourself: -What would I do if money were no object? -What did I love to do as a child? -What activity do I do so intently that I don't notice time passing? -What do I feel passionately about? -What do I valuerepparttar 138683 most? -What are my strengths? -What are my transferable skills? -What kind and how much education will I need to make this change?

Hollander Consultants Fills Deputy Director of Training Position

Written by Matthew Bratschi

Hollander Consultants Fills Deputy Director of Training Position Training Supervisor Vicky Ewing Promoted to New Post

PORTLAND, OR: Hollander Consultants promoted Vicky Ewing to Deputy Director of Training from her previous position as Training Supervisor. The duties ofrepparttar position Ms. Ewing has ascended to consist of: scheduling clients of Hollander Consultants for training, ensuring all materials inrepparttar 138560 training academy are up-to-date and easily accessible, providing classroom supervision, and conducting mobile delivery of Hollander Consultants’ services.

Charles Mann, Director of Training for Hollander Consultants, said, “Vicky Ewing is perfect for this position. Not only is she a professionally interned training supervisor, she also has 10 years of experience as a bookkeeper, many years running a private school with over 250 students, and a degree in animal health technology. Her combination of life experiences makes her uniquely qualified.”

Hollander Consultants’ training department isrepparttar 138561 area withinrepparttar 138562 company that is dedicated to teaching doctors to effectively manage their practices and not just give cookie cutter tips and pointers on what to do. And this is done through extensive study of management materials and practical exercises to ensure doctors and their staffs can understand and applyrepparttar 138563 information.

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