Written by Ed Howes

As in nearly all things, America has been of two minds concerningrepparttar rehabilitation of criminals. One camp believesrepparttar 113501 more severe and lengthyrepparttar 113502 punishment,repparttar 113503 less opportunity a criminal will have to re offend. Lock them up and throw awayrepparttar 113504 key. Statistics prove this camp wrong and alternatives are far from their concern. They arerepparttar 113505 law and order people who have a strong appeal to a society that fearfully sees itself as victims.

The other camp wants to rehabilitate criminals but can seldom raiserepparttar 113506 needed economic support to initiate and evaluate rehabilitation programs. These are folks who know that no life is beyond redemption or incapable of productive work.

Rehabilitation has failed so often because it rests onrepparttar 113507 idea of stripping every right from a person, throwing them in a cage, isolating them fromrepparttar 113508 larger society and destroying any sense of personal identity or value. Treating people worse than animals is not conducive to self improvement. Rehabilitation must begin by not caging non violent offenders. House arrest, victim restitution, fines, counseling and work habilitation will prove much less expensive to society than caging and produce a better outcome.

Anti social behavior grows out of confusion and misidentification. That is, anti social people believe they are someone different than who they are at their core. They are books judged by their covers; judged by people only interested in covers. They come to believe and behave as though they arerepparttar 113509 covers others have created for them. They arerepparttar 113510 products of other people's expectations and imaginations as so many of us are. Unfortunately,repparttar 113511 expectations of many role models were low and easy to fulfill. Let society helprepparttar 113512 victims of low expectations to distinguish between who they are and who they have been told they are. This explains their confusion to them and alleviates it. Clearing this confusion makes good candidates for rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation begins by helping an offender find their true identity. The tools trained counselors now have at their disposal for this identification process are readily available: aptitude and IQ tests; personality and character tests; astrological and numerological charts and reports; literacy tests. Poor readers are non readers and have a lifetime social handicap until they want to read well. Probations should continue until literacy is achieved. Once a person can read well and wants to do so, they can learn anything else they so choose. This opens a world of options previously denied.

Selecting the best candidate for the job!

Written by Robert M. Ziegler

What happened torepparttar days when you voted for candidates because of their “abilities”, and not because of their party affiliation, orrepparttar 113500 popularity they enjoy as a result of expensive media exposure? Have you ever noticed that most Government offices are being held by individuals who are independently wealthy, or who enjoy very strong financial support? This applies to all levels of government, whether it be Federal, State or Local.

Individuals may be extremely well-qualified, but their name may never be added to a ballot simply because they are virtual unknowns who are financially unable to compete in an arena heavily populated withrepparttar 113501 rich and famous. Have you ever noticed how many elected officials are either independently wealthy or own their own business? Unfortunately, that doesn’t make them better qualified than less affluent candidates.

Instead of receiving donations and other

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