Registering a domain name

Written by Clare Lawrence

Registering a domain name

By Clare Lawrence 29th September 2003 Clare isrepparttar CEO of Discount Domains Ltd a leading UK Domain name registration service.

If your planning your own website, then your really need to consider getting your own domain name.

They aren't free but if your serious about building your own corporate or on line presencerepparttar 108258 a domain name is one ofrepparttar 108259 best investments you can make.

The Domain Name System or DNS allows for computers to translate a series of numerical numbers in human friendly names. Names are easy to remember and therefore help to locate your website.

A domain name is part ofrepparttar 108260 address of a website and is known byrepparttar 108261 technical term URL or Uniform Resource Locator.

Domain names are limited by international conventions and can not exceed 63 characters, certain characters are also not allowed.

What arerepparttar 108262 steps to register a domain name?

An Alternative to the .COM Domain?

Written by Clare Lawrence

An Alternative torepparttar .COM Domain?

By Clare Lawrence CEO Discount Domains Ltd, March 2003

Small countries such as Tonga, Turkmenistan and Niue are offering an alternative to customers that have been squeezed out ofrepparttar 108257 Internet as .com domain names have been registered.

It is sometimesrepparttar 108258 unhappy task of a Domain registrar company, such as Discount Domains to tell clients that their preferred names inrepparttar 108259 .com domain are already registered or must be purchased from a cyber-squatter for a large amount of money.

Withrepparttar 108260 anticipated opening of new domains, such as .eu,repparttar 108261 solution is often a longer, harder to remember name and less search engine friendly domain name.

The above countries allow users to register in their domain space. Web hosting companies can suggest that their clients register their sites inrepparttar 108262 .to (Tonga), .tm (Turkmenistan) or .nu (Niue) domains, enabling them to getrepparttar 108263 shorter, catchier name that was taken inrepparttar 108264 .com domain.

The obvious drawback is many companies preferrepparttar 108265 more familiar .com designation.

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