Regarding the AdSense Updates...

Written by Daniel Robson

If you haven’t yet got a Google AdSense account for your site, now may be time to do so. AdSense is becoming increasingly popular with small and middle-sized websites who wish to cash in on their site popularity. And withrepparttar latest updates that have been made torepparttar 131538 AdSense service, there is now no excuse not to join.

If you didn’t already know AdSense is Google’s context targeted Ad delivery program. Basicallyrepparttar 131539 Search Engine giant is giving yourepparttar 131540 chance to displayrepparttar 131541 adverts that you may have seen torepparttar 131542 right of your search results on your own site. Whenever someone clicks through one ofrepparttar 131543 Ads you get an undisclosed, but worthwhile, portion ofrepparttar 131544 moneyrepparttar 131545 subscribers to Google’s AdWords program are supplying Google to promote their site on paid listings. The script is easy to customize, simply adjustingrepparttar 131546 settings in your Account settings and then pastingrepparttar 131547 raw code into your site.

However I expect that most ofrepparttar 131548 people reading this article already have a good idea about what AdSense is and what it does. What you are really interested in is what Google has done to change its service, right? Well when I logged on torepparttar 131549 AdSense site a few days ago,repparttar 131550 first thing that popped up was a copy ofrepparttar 131551 new TOS (Terms of Service). I read through it, and clicked accept to agree withrepparttar 131552 new terms and conditions. When I got into my account page I was greeted by two welcome sights: A new type of Ad box, and even better yet a new payment method.

The new ‘Ad Links’ box are not justrepparttar 131553 typical textual Ads. Rather they give you site-targeted topics, which a visitor can click on to go to a list of related advertisements. What this means in real terms is that rather than four or five adverts on a page you can give your visitor access to maybe 50, all of which could earn you money. This is a very exciting development, and one that could potentially benefit everyone.

How to display RSS feeds on your website.

Written by Allan Burns

How to display RSS feeds on your website.

This article is intended as a guide for webmasters who want to display automatically updated content on their website inrepparttar form of RSS feeds. In this article I will coverrepparttar 131535 easiest method to implement using javascript for displaying RSS on websites to create additional dynamic content. This will allow you to display headlines from syndicated content aroundrepparttar 131536 web on your website.

RSS to Javascript.

By farrepparttar 131537 easiest method is to use client side javascript to parse and displayrepparttar 131538 headlines on your site. To achieve this all you need to do is cut and paste some HTML or javascript code intorepparttar 131539 web page where you wantrepparttar 131540 RSS feed headlines to display.

To achieve this there are several sites that offer a free service that will allow you to select a few options to choose your feed source and display formatting parameters. You will then be presented with some javascript code that you can cut and paste into your website.

Now before I give yourepparttar 131541 address ofrepparttar 131542 sites that offer this service freely there are a few points I need to clarify with you. Although you will achieve your goal of displaying dynamic content on your site in a few short minutes there are some downsides to this method.

Javascript is not search engine friendly.

As you may or may not already know, javascript is not visible to search engine spiders. They will not seerepparttar 131543 RSS feed you have parsed into your site and so this will not benefit you if you are doing this to better your search engine rankings.

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