Refurbished Precor Ellipticals

Written by Tim Gorman

Precor Inc. is one ofrepparttar top selling companies in both home fitness products and commercial products. The home fitness products can be found in many fitness retailers. The commercial products can be purchased either directly through Precor, or through many ofrepparttar 147714 home product dealers and retailers.

There are many fitness retailers that offer refurbished Precor Ellipticals. If considering buying a refurbished Precor Elliptical, one might want do some research onrepparttar 147715 outlet that you are purchasing it from. There are many reputable used fitness companies out there. Precor is a high quality fitness machine when it comes offrepparttar 147716 manufacturing line. Precor has found a way to reducerepparttar 147717 parts on fitness machines by 25%, to eliminaterepparttar 147718 number of repairs torepparttar 147719 machine. So if you are purchasing a refurbished Precor Elliptical, you are already starting with a great product.

Smooth EVO Xcite Elliptical Trainer

Written by Tim Gorman

The Smooth Evo Xcite Elliptical Trainer is an extremely high quality commercial grade fitness machine. It offers a double steel frame with extra durability, as well as foot pedals that can be adjusted to fit. The Smooth Evo Xcite Elliptical Trainer is also equipped with a heart monitor and an LED console for programming. The handle bars move which allows you to work your upper and lower body as well as your heart all atrepparttar same time. Thus, resulting in major calories and fat burned, and cardiovascular health improvement as well.

The elliptical trainer is a unique fitness system that offers an array of benefits. It is widely known for its low impact work out while alleviating allot ofrepparttar 147713 stress onrepparttar 147714 knees, joints, thighs, and ankles.


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