Refrigerator electricity usage lowered in 15 minutes

Written by Donald Grummett

November 2004

I recently had a customer ask for my advise about cleaning her refrigerator.

I started to describerepparttar pros and cons of different cleaners that can be used to cleanrepparttar 100074 interior when she stopped me abruptly. “I know all about that stuff ”, she informed me, “I meanrepparttar 100075 black coil thing onrepparttar 100076 back”.

So, in response to this common question I offerrepparttar 100077 following step-by-step directions.

Firstly,repparttar 100078 ’black coil thing’ atrepparttar 100079 rear ofrepparttar 100080 refrigerator is called a condenser. Without too much technical jargon, its job is to dissipate heat intorepparttar 100081 kitchen. It does this byrepparttar 100082 condensation ofrepparttar 100083 refrigerant gas. Hence, its name. The condenser tubing is usually seen onrepparttar 100084 rear of a refrigerator. It is produced in a serpentine form with additional fins running across it for added heat dissipation.

“Heat, I thought we were talking about refrigerators, not stoves”.

You will have to believe me when I say: ‘a refrigerator does not produce cold air’. Rather, its job is to transfer heat from insiderepparttar 100085 refrigerator cabinet torepparttar 100086 outside. While doing this it removes heat from your food and that results in your food becoming cold.

So, who cares! You should. Because a major part in this transferring of heat isrepparttar 100087 ‘black coil thing’ we have been talking about. Yes, that’s right,repparttar 100088 condenser.

Withoutrepparttar 100089 condenser our refrigerator would not operate. Therefore, we are going to learn how to do basic maintenance of this part and keep our refrigerator in tip-top shape.

------------------------------ So let’s begin

Tools required: ·Vacuum cleaner ·Brush or vacuum brush attachment ·Cotton rag ·Light strength household cleaner ·Garbage bag

1.Pullrepparttar 100090 refrigerator away fromrepparttar 100091 wall and unplug it.

2.The condenser will berepparttar 100092 radiator-looking part onrepparttar 100093 rear ofrepparttar 100094 refrigerator.

3.Use a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove any dust buildup onrepparttar 100095 condenser. Remember,repparttar 100096 condenser is made of thin tubing and is full of a high-pressure (130 psig) gas. So be gentle. If you injurerepparttar 100097 tubing a simple cleaning could turn into an expensive repair.

4.If you have a pet expect to see a large accumulation of animal fur onrepparttar 100098 condenser. If a lot of dust or fur is present then clean off with a dry rag and dispose intorepparttar 100099 garbage bag. We suggest usingrepparttar 100100 dry rag method first to avoid clogging uprepparttar 100101 vacuum hose.

Making The Most Of Your Smart Decision To Hire An Interior Designer

Written by Leta Palatino-Ash

So you’ve decided to hire an Interior Designer—good move! Now what? Before you start planning your “reveal” party, you’ll need a basic understanding aboutrepparttar process to ensure that you getrepparttar 100073 most design for your dollar and that you have a fun and fabulous experience, no matter what type of project is ahead of you.

You’ll need to learnrepparttar 100074 basics of choosingrepparttar 100075 right design professionals, establishing a budget, outliningrepparttar 100076 details ofrepparttar 100077 contract, considering your lifestyle and communicating your challenges.

Choosingrepparttar 100078 Right Designer: Beyondrepparttar 100079 Portfolio Professionally trained Interior Designers have undergone extensive training inrepparttar 100080 various elements of modern and historical design, art and architecture. They have a basic foundation of knowledge that allows them to develop concepts in a variety of styles that range from traditional, contemporary, art deco, eclectic—or a combination of several styles.

That being said, not every designer’s talent is right for every project. For yours, you’ll want to choose someone whose portfolio “speaks” to you in a positive way. As with every profession, designers tend to develop personal styles that carry over into their projects. It could berepparttar 100081 sense of clarity and order you see inrepparttar 100082 furniture arrangements, or maybe it’s a color palette that’s used in a unique way. It could berepparttar 100083 modern touches worked seamlessly into a roomful of antiques, orrepparttar 100084 interesting textures ofrepparttar 100085 fabrics.

Referrals arerepparttar 100086 best way to find a designer, so ifrepparttar 100087 home of a friend or colleague appeals to you, by all means ask them forrepparttar 100088 designer’s number! You can also visit Web sites to get a better feel forrepparttar 100089 designer’s talent and personal style. Expect to spend a bit of time onrepparttar 100090 phone discussing your project withrepparttar 100091 designer and/or completing a questionnaire that will give them a better feel for your tastes and your project prior torepparttar 100092 kickoff meeting.

You’re looking for someone you instantly trust and respect, who communicates excitement about your project, no matter how big or small, and who trusts and respects you as well. After all, this person is transforming your most sacred and cherished space!

Establishing a Realistic Budget Everyone has a budget, so don’t feel bad about setting yours in stone…or tile, or brick. No matter whatrepparttar 100093 amount, your designer should help you getrepparttar 100094 best value andrepparttar 100095 highest quality possible. Be wary of anyone that summarily dismisses your grand ideas based on budget alone: A first-rate designer will work hard to achieve your key design goals, perhaps by spreadingrepparttar 100096 job out over time or suggesting alternative solutions for your project.

A great benefit of using a professional designer is that she has access to materials unavailable torepparttar 100097 general public, so no matter what your budget, your home will feel unique and very “you.”

Your designer will also managerepparttar 100098 entire process, whether it involves space planning, lighting design, purchasing, ordering, selecting finishes or monitoringrepparttar 100099 construction and installation ofrepparttar 100100 project elements.

Outlining Terms ofrepparttar 100101 Contract Make sure you read and sign an official contract before any money exchanges hands or work begins. In addition torepparttar 100102 legal aspects, a contract summarizesrepparttar 100103 plans you’ve been discussing such as your budget, design fees, accountability regarding subcontractors (painters, carpet layers, etc.).

You’ve selectedrepparttar 100104 designers and signedrepparttar 100105 contract – now comesrepparttar 100106 fun part!

Considering Your Lifestyle Your home environment should complement and supportrepparttar 100107 way you and your family really live – or really want to live. For example, if you’re starting a home-based business, you might turn your cluttered garage into a functional office. If your spouse loves to cook, you might knock down a wall sorepparttar 100108 under-used formal dining room becomes part ofrepparttar 100109 kitchen. Many families makerepparttar 100110 mistake of lettingrepparttar 100111 layout ofrepparttar 100112 home dictate their activities vs. reorganizingrepparttar 100113 space to embrace their lifestyles.

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