Reframing Rejection

Written by Peter Murphy

Fear of rejection is one ofrepparttar greatest fears shared by all human beings. Nobody wants to feel left out, unwanted or unliked. And atrepparttar 102046 same time what we really want is to be loved and accepted by everyone - that would be bliss. It will never happen though because we all have biases,opinions and beliefs that colorrepparttar 102047 way we look atrepparttar 102048 world.

So people will reject us no matter how good we look, no matter how successful we are, and no matter how giving we are. If we were to become even nicer, and even more spiritually aware they would still reject us so it is a pointless battle trying to win over everyone.

However we can change how we think about rejection. If we changerepparttar 102049 meaning of rejection it can become our ally instead of our enemy. Next time someone rejects you why not take it as feedback instead. That is, your approach did not work and you need to try a new approach. In sales,repparttar 102050 salesperson must view rejection as feedback or else she will slowly go insane!

So let us view rejection as feedback. When you are rejected immediately set your mindrepparttar 102051 task of intelligently answering this question - how must I change my approach to get what I want? By doing this, you shift your attention back to what you can do and offrepparttar 102052 other person whose approval is theirs to give or not to give.

Let us takerepparttar 102053 example of asking someone to help you with a project at work, you are afraid to ask for help so when you do, your coworker can almost smell this fear of rejection coming from you. So he says No, he is far to busy to help you today. Now immediately ask yourselfrepparttar 102054 feedback reframe question - how must I change my approach to get what I want?

How to handle a Telemarketer

Written by Reagan D. Lynch

It's like clockwork. You sit down to dinner andrepparttar phone rings. You answer it. The caller is trying to sell you something or tell you that you've won a fabulous prize.

Here we go again. You just got a telemarketing call. So do you want to know how to handle these guys? Well, keep reading.

The FTC's Telemarketing Sales Rule helps protect you from abusive and deceptive telephone sales practices. The Rule restricts calling times torepparttar 102045 hours between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. (your local time) and puts other limits on telemarketers, too. For example:

*Telemarketers must tell you it's a sales call,repparttar 102046 name ofrepparttar 102047 seller, and what they're selling before they make their pitch. If they're pitching a prize promotion, they must tell you that no purchase or payment is necessary to enter or win. *It's illegal for telemarketers to lie about their goods or services; earnings potential, profitability, risk, or liquidity of an investment; orrepparttar 102048 nature of a prize in a prize-promotion scheme. *Before you pay, telemarketers must tell yourepparttar 102049 total cost ofrepparttar 102050 goods they're selling, any restrictions on getting or using them, and if a sale is final or non-refundable. In a prize promotion, they must tell yourepparttar 102051 odds of winning, that no purchase or payment is necessary to win, and any restrictions or conditions of receivingrepparttar 102052 prize. *It's illegal for a telemarketer to withdraw money from your checking account without your express, verifiable authorization. *Telemarketers cannot lie to get you to pay, no matter what method of payment you use. *You do not have to pay for credit repair, recovery room, or advance-fee loan or credit services until these services have been delivered. *It's illegal for a telemarketer to call you if you have asked not to be called.

Ok, now that we know what they can and can't do while onrepparttar 102053 phone with us, let's get them offrepparttar 102054 phone altogether. Warning--some ofrepparttar 102055 following suggestions are liable to make you laugh. I have personally used each of these, and it is so much fun!

1. Depending onrepparttar 102056 gender ofrepparttar 102057 person calling you, start hitting on them. That's right--make a pass at them. For example, I am a male. Ifrepparttar 102058 person calling me is a female, I will flirt with her until there is no tomorrow. I have done this twice, andrepparttar 102059 person hung around for about 30 seconds before she called for a supervisor. That's my signal to hang-up.

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