Reflections in the Glass Ceiling

Written by John M McKee

The recent news about one of America's most powerful woman ceo's being removed from office has raisedrepparttar discussion about gender bias, again. It disappoints me that in 2005, I still hear women clients talking about "the old boys' network". They say "glass ceilings" are holding them back in terms of advancement, pay equity, recognition and career satisfaction. While I have no doubt their assessments are valid; it's important that we don't generalize too much. There are other reasons as well. First, discretion is no longerrepparttar 144650 best part of valor. While Shakespearean wenches were prized for their discretion, professional women in today's competitive workplace are often held back byrepparttar 144651 very quality that is too often expected of women. So let me be clear on this: Women - working quietly and selflessly will not get you to that corner office! In my line of work, I still hear business professionals blamingrepparttar 144652 'glass ceiling' for women's scarce presence inrepparttar 144653 executive suite. Research (and my own experience) shows that whilerepparttar 144654 glass ceiling isn't completely cracked, it is notrepparttar 144655 main obstacle for women's advancement torepparttar 144656 upper echelons of corporate America. The good old boy network (active as it is) is no longer what provides men repparttar 144657 biggest advantage inrepparttar 144658 workplace. Men's advantage comes from their willingness to speak about their accomplishments, having learned from an early age how rewarding it is to talk about winning and being first--in a ball game, in a race, inrepparttar 144659 class rankings. As boys become men and enterrepparttar 144660 workplace, they have found that in most cases it is still worthwhile and good business to push their cause--to their boss and their co-workers and their clients, too. Contrast that attitude and behavior to that of women, whose early years are marked by societal encouragement and positive reinforcement for being amenable and social and not aggressive or assertive. Today's companies are filled with many women who grew up getting positive strokes for being discreet, sociable, attractive, quiet, and not competing with boys in boys' games. These women enteredrepparttar 144661 workforce with no developed skills for self-promotion - and perhaps even a conditioned aversion to such indiscreet (and unseeming) activity. Overrepparttar 144662 25 years I was a senior executive working in boardrooms acrossrepparttar 144663 US and Canada I repeatedly saw bright and talented women exhibit this conditioned aversion to applauding one's accomplishments and embracing self-promotion. That type of behavior holds women back from advancement, pay equity, recognition fromrepparttar 144664 boss, and career satisfaction. And while I would like to berepparttar 144665 only person with this opinion - I am not. There is recent research backing up this observation.

I recently reviewed an article written by William Ryberg forrepparttar 144666 Des Moines Register. Ryberg's article focused on repparttar 144667 results of a study conducted byrepparttar 144668 Nexus Executive Women's Alliance of 1200 businesswomen in Australia in 2002. In it, women were asked for their views and opinions aboutrepparttar 144669 principal barriers to their own advancement and

Creating a solid, diversified investment-Simpler! Safer!

Written by jinsong

Creating a solid, diversified investment portfolio isn't easy. FeederFund aims to make that process not only simpler but a whole lot safer as well, by sifting throughrepparttar plethora of international opportunities and selecting only those with a proven track record of excellent returns, that are well managed forrepparttar 144649 long term and that haverepparttar 144650 integrity to place their investors priorities first.

Most of these investment opportunities have higher minimums, sometimes as low as $5,000, but often $20,000 or even $50,000. The FeederFund allows its Members to participate in these bona fide programs through a pool fund with a far smaller minimum requirement.

A FeederFund Member hasrepparttar 144651 choice of placing amounts down to a minimum of $50, with any ofrepparttar 144652 programs thatrepparttar 144653 FeederFund is associated with. The Member receives 75% ofrepparttar 144654 net monthly return and ofrepparttar 144655 remainder, 15% is retained byrepparttar 144656 FeederFund and 10% is paid out through a Referral system.

The FeederFund only supports programs that will provide full disclosure on their Principals and investments, and which pass our stringent due diligence and risk analysis. We are actively invested in and further investigating some 30 international regulated and unregulated investments. Many ofrepparttar 144657 successful program investment managers have become our personal friends and we keep in very close contact with any program we associate with. Select an Associated Program fromrepparttar 144658 menu to find out more detailed information about them, including their past performance.

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