Refinishing A Hardwood Floor

Written by Lee Dobbins

Want to bring your hardwood floors back to their former beauty, but donít haverepparttar money? Then read on for some tips on how you can refinishrepparttar 143894 floor yourself.

If you haverepparttar 143895 time and donít mind doingrepparttar 143896 work, then refinishing your floors yourself is a great option but before starting out, itís not a bad idea to get an estimate from a professional so you can comparerepparttar 143897 cost of doing it yourself to what they would charge. Youíll get quite a shock atrepparttar 143898 amount that is charged. It may cost over $1000 to have just 1 room done. You could carpet over it for less, but doesnít carpeting over beautiful hardwood floors seem, well, wrong?

It is actually rather easy to refinish a wood floor Ė if you pay attention to what you are doing. To sandrepparttar 143899 floor, you need a drum sander and possibly a belt sander which can be rented at your neighborhood Home Depot or hardware store. They can help you figure out which machines you need to rent, what kind of sand paper you should buy and also can help withrepparttar 143900 type and amount of stain and finish forrepparttar 143901 floor. You might also want to get some dust masks and plastic to sectionrepparttar 143902 room off fromrepparttar 143903 rest ofrepparttar 143904 house. Fine particles of dust will get everywhere Ė even if you section offrepparttar 143905 room, but you may be able to minimizerepparttar 143906 impact onrepparttar 143907 rest ofrepparttar 143908 house.

The most important part of refinishing your floors is learning how to controlrepparttar 143909 sander. The key to runningrepparttar 143910 sander is to make sure it keeps moving at all times, otherwise they are simple to use, although a bit hard onrepparttar 143911 ears. If you stop in 1 spot, you will probably get a big gouge in your floor. Equate it to using an iron on your clothes Ė if you stop in 1 spot too long youíll burn a hole. The sander is similar since it creates a lot of heat, keeping it in 1 spot can burn or dent your floor.

Get New Floors And Save A Bundle When You Do It Yourself

Written by Lee Dobbins

Everybody lovesrepparttar look of hardwood floors, but if you have an older home, your floors are probably scuffed, scratched and dingy. Most homes made before 1970 had hardwood floors and even though your house now has carpet there may be a beautiful hardwood floor hiding under your rug!

After years of use, your floor will need to be refinished and that can cost over $1000 for just one room! But if you want to put in a little time and elbow grease, you can refinishrepparttar 143893 floor yourself and haverepparttar 143894 beautiful look of warm wood in your home for a fraction ofrepparttar 143895 cost.

Contrary to what you may have heard,repparttar 143896 finish doesnít take weeks to dry. Itís quite simple actually. You can getrepparttar 143897 supplies for sanding at your neighborhood home improvement store. Youíll need a drum sander and a belt sander. They will be able to advise you onrepparttar 143898 sandpaper you need, how to userepparttar 143899 machine and what kind of stain and finish youíll need to finish offrepparttar 143900 floor. Sanding creates fine particles of dust that will get everywhere and on everything so you may want to pick up some dust masks and drop cloths while you are at it.

The first thing youíll want to do when refinishing your floor yourself is to learn how to runrepparttar 143901 sander. The key to stripping a floor is learning how to getrepparttar 143902 sander working smoothly. The sanders are very easy to use. But theyíre a bit onrepparttar 143903 loud side. The key is to keep it moving at all times. The sander gets very hot and if you stop in one spot for any length of time, you runrepparttar 143904 risk of burning or denting your floor.

Runningrepparttar 143905 sander isrepparttar 143906 fun part of refinishing, but you must be cautious asrepparttar 143907 machine is self propelled. You may feel like a Zamboni driver smoothing ice after you getrepparttar 143908 hang of it! When you start it up, hold on firmly and make sure you keep it in control at all times.

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