Refinancing Your Home Mortgage - Get Up To 125% Cash From Your Home's Value

Written by Carrie Reeder

Withrepparttar low interest rates being offered by lenders today, now can berepparttar 150494 perfect time to refinance your existing mortgage. Remember that you do not have to refinance your home throughrepparttar 150495 same lender that provided your initial mortgage. Lending institutions are offering competitive terms and rates, with some lenders offering home loans up to 125% ofrepparttar 150496 value of your home. Compare your current interest rate torepparttar 150497 rates being offered by a variety of lenders and make surerepparttar 150498 costs involved in refinancing your home will be worth your time and effort.

Ask each lender you contact to supply you a list of costs and charges involved in refinancing your home loan. Take into considerationrepparttar 150499 many implications involved in a mortgage refinance. Lowering your monthly payments and interest rate may decreaserepparttar 150500 amount you can deduct from your taxes each year. If you makerepparttar 150501 decision to refinance, askrepparttar 150502 lender how many points will be charged andrepparttar 150503 annual percentage rate for your particular loan. Depending onrepparttar 150504 amount you owe on your current mortgage andrepparttar 150505 appraised value of your home, you may be able to get a loan up to 125% ofrepparttar 150506 value of your home, allowing you to send your kids to college or simply consolidate debts into one monthly payment.

Investing and Speculation

Written by Ioannis Evangelos (Akis) Haramis

People often see other people's decisions asrepparttar result of disposition but they see their own choices as rational!

Investors frequently trade on information they believe to be superior and relevant, when in fact it is not and is fully discounted byrepparttar 150493 market.

On one side of each speculative trade is a participant who believes he has superior information and onrepparttar 150494 other side is another participant who believes his information is superior. Yet they can't both be right!

Speculation (a.k.a. gambling), is not investing, and in one form or another has been around forever!

Many researchers theorize thatrepparttar 150495 tendency to gamble and assume unnecessary risks is a basic human trait. Entertainment and ego appear to be some ofrepparttar 150496 motivations for people's tendency to speculate. People also tend to remember successes, but not their failures, thereby unjustifiably increasing their confidence.

"Psychographics" describe psychological characteristics of people and are particularly relevant to each individual investor's strategy and risk tolerance. An investors background and past experiences can play a significant role inrepparttar 150497 decisions an individual makes duringrepparttar 150498 investment process.

For instance, women tend to be more risk averse than men and passive investors have typically became wealthy without much risk while active investors have typically become wealthy by earning it themselves.

The Bailard, Biehl & Kaiser Five-Way Model divides investors into five categories:


They are risk takers and are particularly difficult to advise.


They like to be whererepparttar 150499 action is and make easy prey for "fast-talking brokers."

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